The Flash (S03E04) “The New Rogues”

Okay this episode made a lot of Flash comic book fans happy…Or did it? I honestly have to say I really did enjoy this version of Mirror Master and Top it truly brought more of a like to the characters for this series, maybe not for the comics but for the series absolutely. It also gets to the point of Jesse Quick getting her own Flash suit but it kinda disturbs me that the suit looks a little bit like Season 2’s Trajectory suit maybe its because of the mask they made for Jesse that it looks similar to Trajectory’s I don’t know. I know a few fans were happy to see Wentworth Miller return as his character Snart aka Captain Cold.  But lets get to the episode!

In this episode: We are taken 3 yrs ago when the Particle Accelerator first went off, Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) just got done with a heist but hating that his partners in crime Sam Scudder (Grey Damon) and Rosalind Dillion (Ashley Rickards) spending all of their cut from the heist. Snart then sets the record straight by having Sam killed but before Snart could give Sam the finishing blow the particle accelerator went off and Snart and his tough guy henchman (Dalias Blake) run off and the dark matter blast hits Sam sending him into the mirror and the dark matter hits Rosalind as well sending her flying to the wall. When Rosalind wakes up she doesn’t see Sam and runs off. A day later Sam shows himself bringing people who discovered the mirror into the mirror world.

Now in the present, Sam aka Mirror Master is looking for Snart but ends up with not getting anywhere with Snarts henchman. Barry (Grant Gustin) and Jesse (Violett Beane) decide to train speedster style. So Barry and Jesse suit up and in the accelerator begin to run revealing that Jesse is almost as fast as Barry, Barry chooses to test Jesse’s ways of observation and persistence with using his speed to run on the ceiling and then transition into running and jump over a high point. When Jesse tries jumping over the high point she fails and falls and tumbles over and over again. When Barry gives Jesse some tips he then realizes hes talking more and more like his buddy Oliver.

Meanwhile, Mirror Master then looks up an old crime partner to try and get more answers in where Snart may be. He tracks down where Rosalind may be and finds shes being held in Iron Heights. When Joe asks Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) to dig and try finding information on Dr. Alchemy but sadly nothing comes up. Joe and Cecile then get a notification that Sam aka Mirror Master might get in contact with his old partner. When they go to visit Rosalind in her meta-human cell the two are shocked when Mirror Master breaks her out by disappearing into the mirrored window; Rosalind then tells Sam about her powers and tells them about a hero named The Flash whose been stopping crooked meta’s like them. So the two set up a plan of their own to take The Flash out of the picture.

Cisco (Carlos Valdes) then goes to try to name Sam as Mirror Master but Harry Wells (Tom Cavanagh) beats him to the punch only to reveal on Earth-2 they have a Mirror Master but instead of disappearing in mirrors he uses a gun that creates two dimensional illusions (which is a nod to the comic book version of the character) after that Cisco discovers Rosalind also is a meta and beats Harry to the punch to name her Top. The meta-human app then goes off which allows Barry and Jesse to go superhero together. Jesse goes after Rosalind aka Top only to become affected by her ability of vertigo that makes you go round and round like a top. Barry has to save Jesse from falling afterwards he goes after Mirror Master but instead of listening to Barry; Jesse follows and forces Barry to become trapped in Mirror Masters mirror.

The team tries everything to try to get him out of the mirror but everything seems to fail. Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) continues to give Jesse actual support and continue to lift up her spirits of failing Barry. Harry and Cisco then try to make the mirror cold but the temperature isn’t getting cold enough, by trying to find a way to make it even colder the group then goes out of the lab to think, while doing so Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) makes the mirror colder by using her Killer Frost abilities. Barry is then broken out of the mirror and joins with the team; Barry and Jesse then create a plan to capture Mirror Master and stop Top.

When the two confront the villains, Top uses her ability on Jesse again only to be seduced by the effects again but Jesse snaps out of it and begins to run in a twirl which confuses Top (Ashley Rickards) then Jesse lands a knock out punch to Top knocking her out cold. Mirror Master (Damon) is then tricked by the hologram of Snart as Captain Cold and goes into a mirror fight with The Flash. The Flash then uses a trick of his own with the mirrors making Mirror Master go into a mirror limbo. The Mirror limbo then gets set up in Iron Heights keeping Mirror Master trapped in his cell.

In the end of the episode: Barry, Cisco, Harry and Caitlin bring Earth-19’s Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) to their Earth. When Harrison Wells aka HR is introduced he then is amazed by everyone including how Cisco can open up the breaches, and just before Harry could tell Cisco his theory in who broke Barry out of the mirror Jesse zooms him into the portal going back into Earth-2. Caitlin then goes to her apartment to take a shower after a long day at work only to have her ability go haywire and freeze everything in the bathroom and now her hair is turning white. (Shes becoming more and more like Killer Frost let the transformation commence!)

Next Episode: The Flash (S3E5): Monster airs Tuesday November 1,2016