The Good Place (S01E07) “Chapter 7: The Eternal Shriek”

Michael announces that the problem going around the neighborhood was from him and that he’ll retire. Eleanor and Chidi tries to figure out how to top Michael from retiring even if it does prevent a murdered…

Michael figures out that he’s the one causing the problems in The Good Place and sees that the only way for it to stop was to get on a train and retire. Tahani throws him a retirement party, for which he seemed grateful but mostly bummed out.

Eleanor tells Chidi about how this happen and learned that Michael will be torched . Chidi tells her that she needs to confess about it, but she had a better idea and asked Janet the one awkward question, is there a way to shut her down. And in fact there is a kill switch but if used she will be murdered.

For Eleanor to stay and save was to do the unthinkable. Janet lead Eleanor and Chidi to where she can be shutdown. The two have a hard time pressing the button because of Janet’s “human emotion for life.” That’s where she’s pleading to not be killed.

But Jianyu shows up, because he was bored at the party. He sees the button and goes to press it until Chidi pushes him away and presses the button accidentally and Janet is dead. But not gone without a huge announcement from Janet herself in a world screen video of her announcing that shes been murder.

A funeral was in store at Michael’s retirement, but we learn that Janet doesn’t die, she shuts down and has to learn all over again everything in the universe. Michael announces he won’t retire but will stay.

Chidi is nervous as a wreck and we see a flashback of him telling a lie to professor about his shoes and that grew to be unbearable for him to handle. It showed us why he doesn’t like lying to others.

Just as Chidi was this close of spilling the beans, Eleanor steps up and tells Michael that the events have been caused by her as she’s not suppose to be here.

This was so well performed and the writing was so good. D’Arcy Carden, who plays Janet, really stood out in this episode as she was hysterical during the pleading to Chidi and Eleanor scene and the rebooted version of Janet.

Also William Jackson Harper was great in this episode too. We got to see a little bit of his backstory from his wife to why he can’t handle lying to anyone.

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