The Real O’Neals (S02E03) “The Real Halloween”

On last nights “The Real O’Neals” Kenny is excited about having the chance to finally celebrate his first real “Gay” Halloween.  He has everything planned, the perfect costume I.e Super Bowl Beyoncé, and the perfect place to showcase it the Halloween parade at Boystown. The only problem his mother Eileen doesn’t approve of his choice of costume or this parade and instead convinces him to have a party at their house.

Kenny’s only stipulation: he can invite any gay kids he knows. Eileen agrees because as far she knows Kenny only has one other gay friend. Allison who though extremely dim witted is utterly hilarious and on many occasions stole the show. All seems lost but Kenny has an idea, he goes to a theater school and invites the entire student body. Cue the party and none of the guests have arrived. Eileen believes she has been able to evade an overly “gay” Halloween (ps what is a gay Halloween?) anyway in stereotypical fashion the guests arrive fashionable late.

The party seems to be going well until things get cold, literally Eileen has literally made it freezing inside the house and Kenny calls her out on it. He accuses her of not being able to accept him for who is, Eileen reiterates that she is extremely accepting of his new lifestyle. So Kenny knows she is lying and decides to push her buttons by returning to the party in his full Beyoncé costume and he looks fierce.

Eileen does what she can to be supportive but it is difficult and can’t help but to insult everyone. Somehow the partygoers love it, I mean shade is what gay people live for right?  She starts to enjoy herself and brings to open up to the idea of this “gay world” idea she has in her head. Then Kenny starts kissing on a boy and it’s “party over.” Kenny and Eileen talk and she voices her concerns and Kenny explains that their is no “gay world” there is just the world and if she can’t accept him then he can’t stay. That is her biggest fear and promises she will continue to try and be more expecting and to have faith in her.

While all of this is occurring Kenny’s brother and sister are struggling with the fact that their parents are divorcing and their brother is gay and everyone is talking about it. So instead of talking to their father about it they choose to egg their neighbors house because they’ve been gossiping. Their father learns of the planned egging stops it by arresting them and interrogating them to find out why exactly they’ve chosen to lie about trick or treating. After a bit of prodding they confess and the episode ends with the entire family egging their neighbors.