Arrow: (S05E04) “Penance”

Review: I’ve said that the show has moved on from the sad third and fourth season, which is the truth, but they haven’t moved as much as I’d like them to. The plot of the fifth season isn’t that thrilling yet. I wish they went back to having multiple villains in the season, because then the episode would be a bit more interesting. When we draw the line, we realize that nothing really happened in this episode and we could have skipped the first 35 minutes, easily.

Oliver and Lyla decided to break Diggle out of prison, without his approval. The break-out was quite badass and I liked it, but of course it reminded us of Roy. I love Lyla, though. I think she is incredibly badass and I hope she gets more screen time!

The new Arrow team doesn’t seem that bad. Rory decided to leave the team because of a previous mistake that Felicity did to his city, but by the end of the episode, he changed his mind. Of course. What got me bothered, by the way, is that Tobias Church kidnapped Rene Ramirez/ Wild Dog. I don’t see the point of that and I think it was too much of a “Damian Darhk” move, so I’m a bit bored.

The only truly interesting parts of the episode were the Bratva flashbacks. Russians are badass, the language is awesome, the plot is awesome … It makes me question what took them so long to conquer the Bratva story?

I’m a bit bored of Arrow. I feel like they’ve lost the original charm and I don’t know whether they can get it back.