Bob’s Burgers (S07E01) “Flu-ouise”

Plot Summary: When Louise contracts a bad case of the flu, Linda has a mishap trying to deliver Louise’s favorite toy to her bedside; Louise has a wild, fever-induced dream.

In the season seven premiere of Bob’s Burgers we see poor little Louise come down with the flu. Luckily for her she will miss some school but it’s turns out to be a very unlucky thing for Kuchi Kopi, her favorite toy. As Louise gets settled in bed Linda gives her some medicine to help her get better. But she doesn’t want to get better because she can miss school. So Louise spits her medicine out and then notices Kuchi Kopi missing from her toys on her bed. So she sent Linda after it, but she has some trouble and enlists the family for help.

When the family joins in with helping things just get worst for Kuchi Kopi. As the family tries to fix Kuchi Kopi Louise starts to feel more sick. When they go check on her they notice she spit out her medicine and try to give her more. But she ends up throwing it against the wall so there is no more medicine to give.  Eventually they have to bring Louise her toy which makes her extremely mad. She gets so mad she kicks everyone out of her room. When shes alone she ends up falling asleep which make her fall in to a musical fever dream.

In her dream melted Kuchi Kopi helps guide Louise to his fortress.

As she sleeps the Belchers try to figure out how to fix Kuchi Kopi and it’s Teddy who comes up with a solution. He offers the use of his heat gun to help remold the toy back to it’s former glory. When that doesn’t work he suggests getting a new one from the toy store.

While Louise and Kuchi Kopi are on the walk to his fortress she runs into versions of her toys warning her in songs about how horrible the fortress is.

When Bob and Teddy go get the new Kuchi Kopi they get stopped from purchasing the toy by Clyde,  toy store owner,  because Bob hasn’t read the Kuchi Kopi books. He decides to read the books to Bob before he can buy the toy. During this scene we also see a voice over cameo by Amy Schumer.

When Kuchi Kopi and Louise finally make it to the fortress Louise starts to sing when good Kuchi Kopi shows up to help her see that she needs to forgive her family. She ends up seeing how right he is and forgives them all.

While Bob and family were putting the new Kuchi Kopi in bed with Louise she wakes up and tells them she forgives them.

I really like this episode because the songs that were sung in it. They fit in perfectly to the episode.