Bob’s Burgers (S07E02) “Sea Me Now”

Plot Summary: Teddy tries to impress his ex-wife by organizing a day trip on his newly refurbished boat; Tina attempts to prove she’s responsible enough to have a cellphone by taking care Bob’s prized eraser.

Teddy shows up to the restaurant and invites the Belcher family for a nice boat ride around. He decides to not mention the reason to why he fixed up an old boat or where he would be taking them.

As they arrive on the docks to the boat Tina mentions to Bob that she has his favorite chalkboard eraser with her. She wants to prove to him she is responsible enough for a cell phone by not losing the eraser. Then she ends up dropping it immediately after.

As they get comfortable on Teddy’s boat they see all the hard work he did by adding and securing folding chairs for extra seating and is using his steering wheel from his truck. Then off they go on an adventure. They end up heading to where Teddy’s ex wife works with her boyfriend. That’s when they put it together that Teddy fixed up the boat to show off to Denise, his ex.

Desperate to get her back he drives the boat back and forth in front of the restaurant where Denise works. It takes a few times but she does eventually notice he is there. Right when he accidentally runs the boat into the dock.  It would be hard to miss that.

As he tries to leave without being noticed he backs up and crashes into the dock that is behind them. So they finally get free and head home. That is until they notice the engine starting to smoke and the boat fill up with water. As the family puts their life jackets on Teddy realizes he can’t find the radio and can’t call for help. Bob starts to freak out a little bit but Teddy thinks he can make it to an island. As they come to the island they end up crashing into rocks.

This causes everyone to have to walk to land from the boat  and all the while Tina still is hanging on to the eraser. Once they get to land she drops it again. Luckily she didn’t drop it in the water, because she’d never be able to get it to work after it gets wet. Everyone starts heading inland and end up running into an area filled with cattle. They don’t seem to be the docile kind either. When trying to get away from them the group gets separated. Bob, Gene and Louise end up on one set of rocks and Linda, Tina and Teddy end up on another set further away. Not being able to walk on the grass because of the cattle they walk up hill by climbing over the rocks to head to the house.

Linda’s group tries to talk to Teddy about his relationship with Denise and tries to help him on their walk up. They end up doing role playing to help build up his confidence. On the other side Gene and Louise beat bob to the top and wait. Bob seemed like he was about to collapse with all the climbing he had to do. They all meet back up and head to the house but had another obstacle to face.

They find a bridge. Teddy volunteers to cross it to save the rest from having to risk their lives. As he starts to cross it he turns around and notices he cattle walking up behind everyone. They all then walk across the bridge to get away from the cattle. As they cross Tina steps on a board that breaks and she almost falls. Bob begs her to let go of the eraser so she can put both hands on the railings, but she doesn’t want to give up! But when Bob says he will get her a cell phone she willing lets go and there goes the eraser in to the water below.

When they finally get across the bridge they get a very shocking welcome from a man who has been living there, protecting the island. He reluctantly lets them in the house and gives them a tour. As he is giving them the tour he talks about why Caffrey bought the island and built the house. All for the love of a woman that did not end up loving him. Bob points out to Teddy that it is just like his relationship with Denise.

As they finish telling Teddy it might be time to let her go Nathaniel tells the he can give them a ride home on his many boats. He also mentioned that they didn’t go to the right side of the island when they trespassed but now they know for next time.

As they ride back to shore Tina talks to Bob and mentions how she wants a phone but not yet. She didn’t like how much time she spent staring at the eraser all day as she pretended it was a phone. While they talk Teddy makes a big decision, he shoots a flare at his boat causing it to go up in flames. Not realizing he could sell the boat and give it away. Also not realizing that everyone’s wallets, phones, keys where on the boat, along with Teddy’s truck steering wheel. Not sure how they are getting home from there.

I loved that this episode was filled with Teddy. He is a great character I always like seeing on the show. I honestly enjoyed this episode. I liked seeing everyone get out of the restaurant and move the story to a new location.