Chicago PD (S4E5): “A War Zone”

This episode had me on the edge of my seat waiting for mysteries to be unfolded. The crimes came across as typical, nothing special, but they ended up being complex. And subtly characters grew more mature and ready to achieve their goals.

I found the case involving the young boy and father with a steak knife stabbed into his neck very interesting. The whole time I figured the child must have committed the crime, but while that didn’t happen, the plot line was still very fun to watch.

I’m proud of Burgess for going after exactly what she wants. It would be so fun to see her working along side Erin more often. It sounds like Voight is ready for her to join the team.

Erin definitely delivered some of the most powerful lines in “A War Zone.” Her speech to Jay about having to come to terms with why he is trying so hard to stop Moose from enlisting again. Her response to the argument was thoughtful and probably very helpful for any audience member to hear and understand.

I’m hoping to see more from Chicago PD in coming episodes. There are so many ways this show can grow and I am eager to watch as it does – through new cases, deeper character revelations, and growth in relationships.