Designated Survivor (S01E05) “The Mission”

President Kirkman decided that he didn’t want to put any troops in danger so he was going to do an air strike where they thought Nassar was. But his plan hit a hitch when he find out that Nassar moved. The Algerian Government tipped him off that there was going to be an attempt on his life. Because of this Tom keeps second guessing every decision and it annoys Kimble. He wants a decision and he wants it now.

After some time they end up finding Nassar in a Algerian Hospital, that puts Tom’s plan to rest and is being forced to bring the troops in. Tom goes to Virginia to meet with the Navy Seals and learns there is only about a 50/50 chance they will be able to get the job done. Even though he’s not confident with the choice he still gives the green light. 

When Tom gets back to DC he meets up with Kimble and Congressman Peter MacLeish and lets them in on the plan for Algeria. The Congressman gives his full support but Kimble says she will turn her back on him if the mission goes wrong.

Hannah from the FBI still thinks there is something suspicious about Peter MacLeish and the explosion. Plus Peter was found around where the location of the secret room 105. 

after Tom agrees with Aaron about making Peter the Speaker of the House Aaron and Emily go and give him the good news. But they weren’t expecting Peter to turn them down. He claims the Speaker is a very political job and doesn’t want to be in politics that much. 

As Hannah was investigating room 105 Kimble brings her a list of names of people who worked on that room. She finds out that all eight men who worked on the room have all died and that they made the room into a bomb shelter. So now Hannah has good reason to believe Peter had something to do with the bombing. Once she has information she takes it right to Jason but he tells her not to tell anyone what she knows.

As Hannah continues to look into Peter and the bombing, Peter gets closer with Tom. He gets invited to go in the situation room and watch the live feed of the seals going after Nassar. When they find him in the hospital basement they find he has taken children hostage. In the midst of the gun fight the kids get protected as they apprehended Nassar, but one dies trying to protect the children. 

as that all went down Peter didn’t look too happy about how successful the mission went. 

Later Tom talks to Seth, Aaron and Emily about how Peter turned down the Speaker of The House position and Tom wasn’t upset at that. He mentions that Peter might be better suited for another one, Vice President.