Inferno (2016)

Alright so if any of you have not seen Ron Howard’s films Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons then I would recommend you to watch those two movies before going to see the third installment of the franchise based on the best-selling author’s Dan Brown books! But if you love mystery/drama’s you will love the Da Vinci Code movies! I was deeply impressed by this movie though, but I will get to that in a bit, lets get to the review of Inferno!

In the film: We see Zobrist (Ben Foster) running away from someone, in Florence, Italy. He ends up climbing a bell tower in hopes to out smart the people chasing him. Zobrist then gets to the edge of the bell tower; he apologizes for running to Mr. Bouchard (Omar Sy) when Bouchard comes, he demands to know where Zobrist hid the deadly virus. Zobrist then jumps off the highest point of the bell tower to kill himself.

We are then taken in a hospital room, everything is disoriented at first but then we see Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) where he’s disoriented and has no idea where he is. All he sees is a IV and a doctor that comes into the room she introduces herself as Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) she explains that Langdon came into the hospital ER with a traumatic head wound that caused amnesia temporarily. When she asks Langdon questions but he interrupts her to turn off the lights. It then revealed that Langdon (who thinks hes in Boston still) then finds out hes actually in Florence, Italy. He asks how he got to Italy, but the Doctor doesn’t know. When the police are here to ask Langdon some questions the officer comes up to the room only to shoot and kill the nurse. Sienna then closes the door locks it as Vayentha (Ana Ularu) tries knocking the door down. Sienna then moves Langdon to the bathroom and locks the door.

Langdon after having a major vivid dream of the circles of hell happening in Florence he finds himself in Sienna’s apartment. Sienna then tells Langdon he was mumbling something when he came into the ER; it was Italian for “very sorry” but Langdon in his confused state doesn’t understand why he would be saying that over and over again. As Sienna is working on getting new clothes to change into. Langdon searches his emails only to find out his friend Ignazio (Gabor Urmai) emailed him saying “he couldn’t meet up” that “somebody’s after him for what they stole” which brings up the question “what did they steal?”After Langdon gets changed into clothes both him and Sienna are tracked down and are hunted by Vayentha; Vayentha then checks in with her operatives to be revealed that CRC’s clients now want her to kill Langdon because he knows way too much. When Langdon and Sienna reach to the museum that holds Dante’s Mask, when they are interrupted by Marta (Ida Darvish) who remembers Langdon’s first visit to see the mask, so she takes Langdon and Sienna to go see the mask. When they see the mask is missing the review the security footage to find out Langdon took the mask. The WHO (World Health Organization) locks the building down Vayentha who enters the building as Langdon and Sienna try to escape. Vayentha apprehends them by shooting at Langdon, but when Sienna takes a self-defense hit to Vayentha she falls to her death in the museum.

Langdon and Sienna then work on trying to uncover where the mask has been hidden to find more clues. When they find the mask they uncover more clues that must be taken in Istanbul. Before they can get there they are apprehended by Bouchard of the World Health Organization. When Langdon remembers how everything went down back in Boston he remembers his old friend and ex lover Elizabeth Sinskey (Sidse Babett Knudesen) of the World Health Organization who requested for his help from a bio-weapon that Zobrist created and is going to be released. Sienna and Langdon escape from Bouchard to then be betrayed by Sienna revealing Zobrist was her boyfriend and she will do anything to make his dream a reality. Langdon is then kidnapped by Bouchard (Omar Sy) and is about to become tortured when Henry Sims (Irrfan Khan) CEO of the CRC saves Langdon by killing Bouchard.

Langdon (Hanks) is then brought to Elizabeth to find out Sienna is behind it all and is the one who will release the virus if they don’t go to Istanbul to stop her. When they get to Istanbul, Sienna and Zobrist’s followers are already having their plan in motion. In a race against time the World Health Organization contains the virus ending with all the tyrants/followers killed. Afterwards Langdon returns to Boston and Elizabeth must return to Geneva; before Langdon leaves Elizabeth gives Langdon a gift, his watch (which is very special to him because its the last present his parents ever gave to him)  repaired and Langdon before going back to Boston, returns to Florence, Italy and asks a Hall Guard (Dino Conti) where he might be able to find Marta and reveals the news to Langdon about Marta having her baby. Langdon is happy to hear that and says he just finished seeing the Dante’s mask. The Guard is very confused because to his knowledge the mask is gone but when he goes to see the mask is there everyone of the museum is happy. Langdon walks away with a smile on his face.

Now I have to be honest, the ending is different from the book. But for those who might be confused in why Inferno is the 3rd film but yet 4th book its because Ron Howard opted out in making the 3rd book Lost Symbols as a film just yet the main reason for that is because he wanted a story that would reveal more about Langdon’s past while staying with the present and staying true to the story of the Inferno book that Dan Brown wrote. Although I have to admit the ending for the movie is a good ending too. This film was really good I found it to be as good as the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons movie, I am really hoping that Ron Howard does make Lost Symbols as the 4th movie to bring more exciting adventures from the Dan Brown books onto the screen. Tom Hanks has truly brought one of the exciting heroic characters to life and its thanks to him that we have these movies as good as they are. I recommend this film to anyone but I also recommend you watch the first 2 movies as well. Another thing I loved of this film was the music, in all three movies of the Da Vinci Code series Hans Zimmer has composed the scores and the scores are amazing in every film the music captures the mystery, the drama, the excitement of each scene.

I would rate this movie: 5 out of 5 stars

Inferno is now out in theaters!