Supernatural (S12E03) “The Foundary”

Review: I would like to applaud the case for an amazing episode & the effects were spot on tonight! Well done Supernatural! Well done!

But on to the review! So, as you all know Crowley is still on the hunt for Lucifer. But now Castiel is as well, an wants to go about doing this without the boys. For Cas has noticed that Mary does still feel out of place being there & he knows that she’ll needs the boys help more then ever. In all honest it was best for Cas to go alone on this joy ride. Now on the fact with Mary, she’s still learning & trying to cope (sorta). Yet Dean is very in denial with the fact that she really isn’t doing okay at all. The only one that’s really catching on & bringing it to Dean’s attention is Sam himself. But if you think about it, both Dean & Sam have experienced where they’ve been gone from the world aka Earth (Dean in hell & purgatory; Sammy in the pit with Lucifer’s sassy a**) for awhile, so you would think they would know how to help Mamma Winchester. WRONG! She’s been gone wayyyy longer from the world (aka Earth) then they have. This is just a terrible ragged road…i swear.

Although Mamma Winchester doesn’t want her boys to feel like she’s a burden she offers a case. Which leads to her getting visited by a ghost boy, a lot of baby crying, and a lovely burn on the arm. Oh, an the boys worrying to death over her! (You guys she’s honestly the worst weakness they could have so far through out the seasons…she will cripple them badly if she dies). So the boys decided to take matters into there own hands but Mamma Winchester won’t give up there! She kicks it old school with actually calling the parent & hearing there story. Nothing wrong with getting the whole point of view, right. An with the valuable information she was able to figure out why the boy was still haunting the place even after Dean & Sam salted and burned the bodies. (The signal dropped by the way when they called her & they bolted so damn quick to that car! The worry is so adorable).

Back to Agent Beyonce & Agent Z! Aka Cas & Crowley! Yeah yall there a team now & it’s funny as hell! That back & forth car window scene was priceless (someone please make a gif of that)! There both on the hunt for dear old Lucy since he’s now in a rock star body! An close to killing Rowena again! She seriously needs a break from all this hell! (See what I did there, ha!). They do get a lead though which leads to a door slamming in there face. Yes, Cas. Both Dean & Sam do go through that a lot. Crowley made it easier just popping in and getting answers. It’s okay though, Castiel had a comeback with his glorious sass! Have you all noticed that he’s more sassy & aggressive lately? I think it’s because of Lucy possessing him last season. Those side effects I swear!

Back to the horror house of children! Momma Winchester does find out that a creepy dead guy was keeping the kids there & then she got possessed. Mamma Winchester may have her moves but she is rusted. The boys do get there in time but get there hearts a little frozen. The only one able to bolt to the basement to the corpse in the wall was dear old Sammy while Dean pointed a gun at mom. He couldn’t shoot (but if he had the Mark of Cain still…yup..he would’ve been savage mode real quick!) her & got bashed to the wall. Again. An Again. Then he threw chains on her, the son of gun burned, & the children passed on! Happy Family Hunting Trip right! Nope. Nope. Nope.

Let’s take a quick detour back to Rowena and Lucifer.

Rowena won. Why? Cause, Lucy you screwed her over last time what makes you think she’s not going to ship you a** somewhere! Come on man! THINK!!!! But it’s okay though, once Crowley & Cas arrived (late) they were then caught up on the Lucy Shipped to the Ocean ordeal. An now know Rowena is still apart of the game, even though she really wants out. Which I don’t think will happen for her. At least she now has the help of Agent Beyonce & Agent X now, so yes..a new team as been born.

Back at the bunker. Mamma Winchester drops a BIG FREAKING BOMBSHELL! (Not literally) That effects both Sam & Dean highly. She decides to leave cause it’s all to much for her. She hugs Sam & Dean back away cause he can’t even. But here’s my problem with this though. You’ve been gone for 30 something years, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GONNA GO?! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO GET HELP FROM??? EVERYONE IS FREAKING DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! This moment ran me hot! Like the hell! Sammy got his mom back, he wanted to get to know you damn it! An Dean it already a walking damn time bomb, why the fuck you do this shit! He’s going to blame himself! He’s going to suffer internally & on the outside he will consume himself in work until it doesn’t show! DEAR GOD! I SWEAR THIS SHOW! It’s a love & hate relationship with this series….

P.S I said this on Twitter, but it would be really cool it Lucifer got a child as his next vessel. Cause then he can pretend to be Damien. But a true legit OMEN child. That would be awesome!