The Great Indoors (S01E01) “Pilot”




As far as pilots go, this one was solid. Not only are the dynamics of the characters entertaining, but when you include the comedic genius of Joel McHale (Community) and Stephen Fry (If you don’t know who he is, you’ve been living under a rock), it’s the makings of a great sitcom!

The series follows an adventure reporter who has been called in from the field to help bring life and experience into the digital adaptation of the “Outdoor Limits” magazine. He has had amazing life experiences travelling the world. Because of this he has been disconnected from technology, so being in charge of 20 something’s (Millennials) will be one of his greatest challenges yet.

The series may poke fun at Millennials, but there is also the other end of the spectrum, where they cannot relate with Jack and the unique adventure’s he has had. They refer to him at one point as a “Human version of dial-up”. Both generations are misunderstood, and it’s a good way to put it all out there in a comedic  fashion. 

They must learn to work together, and even though they clash, it seems to be a great and unlikely fit. They need the younger generation to help propel them into the age of technology and they need the older generations to impart their wisdom and adventures onto them. It just… works. 

I’m waiting to see where this possible train-wreck goes. Laughs will be had, scotch will be consumed and bear cubs will be cuddled.


Rating: 7.5/10