Blue Bloods: (S07E06) “Whistleblowers”


The episode opens with Erin and her boss. It turns out ADA Collins was in an accident and broke a leg which means he won’t be back in time to work on a case with porn on a hard drive. However, it’s a woman not a man. Erin says she hates these cases.

Frank comes into a meeting with Garrett and Sid. Sid and Garrett are acting like this is a big secret meeting. Garrett heard from someone that there is a whistleblower in the police department and the whistleblower is a beat cop in a high crime precinct. They know who it is. Eric Carlson.

Danny has Baez typing up some reports. Danny goes out to his car and he sees a woman yelling at traffic. She is hit by a car. The driver stops. Danny says to call 911. The driver says he didn’t see her.

Erin is talking to the woman who had the porn and states what the penalties will be. The woman’s attorney says she is a piano teacher, active in church, and a whole list of “good” things she has been doing. The attorney gives Erin a brain scan of his client and the brain surgery she had to relieve her seizures has changed her. She was not interested in porn before. She had a part of the brain removed that controlled impulses. The accused woman says she never would have done this before. She has pled guilty. Erin is recommending the maximum penalty. Erin has no sympathy for those engaged in child porn.

The coroner says the pedestrian was killed by the car but she would have died anyway from all of the drugs in her system. She said someone tried killing her with the drugs or she was a suicide by drugs. She was only 19 years old and from Ireland.

Erin is talking to a doctor about the woman’s brain scan. With this surgery, patients sometimes have the problem of hyper-sexuality. The doctor doesn’t want to help the defense and admit this problem could come from the surgery. The doctor says there is no excuse for pornography.

Baez and Danny go to talk to the dead girl’s boss at the restaurant. The boss says there are no romances allowed in his restaurant. One of the waitresses is looking over at Danny and Baez like she is nervous. Baez goes to talk to her. The waitress says the dead girl was a friend of hers. They came over together from Ireland. The waitress says she was hooking up with Sean, one of the bartenders. As soon as she got off shift, she would head out to be with Sean. The waitress says she went with the dead girl to a couple of Sean’s parties.

Erin is talking to her boss about the porn case. Erin says since the defendant is female this could set a great deal of precedence. Erin’s boss asks if she thinks she is innocent. Erin says she didn’t say that but the blame may not be entirely hers to bear.

Frank is at a café talking to Eric Carlson’s boss. He claims he doesn’t know of any whistleblower in his precinct but then he comes up with Eric’s name anyway. He says Eric is opinionated. He files a lot of complaints and he raises hell if his complaints are not taken seriously. Eric’s boss says he had a good talk with Eric and thought the issue was straightened out. Frank said this meeting never happened.

Baez and Danny go to visit Sean. He claims he was at his friend’s bar until last call. Danny asks if the girl was going to meet him there but Sean says they had a fight so he wasn’t sure if she would come but he was hoping so. Danny asks for witnesses and Sean gives him some. Danny tells Sean to cut the crap and tell the truth. Danny says she is dead and got hit by a car but was also on coke that was laced with W18. Danny asks if she ever did coke like that before. Sean says no the most she ever did was a few beers. Danny asks what they fought about. Sean says she flirted a lot but she said she had to so her boss wouldn’t suspect they were dating. Sean says every guy who came into the restaurant wanted her. Baez has called the witnesses at the other bar and they say they will stay and talk to them once they get over there.

Danny talks to the dead girl’s mom and gives his condolences. Danny says when she was contacted about the girl’s death she was already on the plane. The restaurant owner had called her and asked her to come over, get the girl, and bring her back home. The owner suspected drugs were being dealed out of his restaurant.

Erin got the doctor she was talking to before to talk to the woman accused of child porn.

Danny and Baez go over to the other bar that Sean was at and the owner gives permission to open Sean’s locker. They find drugs in the locker. Danny asks the owner who Sean worked with. Then they go get Sean just as he is about to get on a bus.

The doctor is talking to Erin and her boss. The doctor says the accused admits that she had potential improper thoughts about her students. The doctor said that the surgery removed her ability to control her sexual impulses. Erin says she just wants the doctor to provide expert testimony on the validity of the defendant’s claim.

Danny is interrogating Sean who admits that the dead girl knew about the drugs. Sean wanted her to say in America so he told her he had the money to keep her here by being a drug dealer. Sean says he told his friend Derrick but he is the only one who knows that the dead girl knows about Sean and Derrick dealing drugs.

Garrett is talking to Frank and Sidney comes in and interrupts and says Carlson is in the hospital. His commanding officer had him committed to the psychiatric hospital. Frank says this way any claims Eric makes will be scrutinized.

Erin is in court and the judge wants to talk to her and the defense attorney. Erin explains about the defendant’s medical history and that she wants to have the doctor testify. The judge says he will not consider probation but he will consider the minimum punishment with sentencing in a few weeks.

Meanwhile Frank and Sid go to visit Eric in the hospital. Eric says he has been trying to get a meeting with Frank for over a year because of some abuses he has seen in the system. Eric says he was told in various precincts to arrest anyone and everyone. Frank asks Eric what his next move is. Frank says do you really think any police precinct here in NYC will want him back now? Frank asks Eric what is the right thing to do? Eric doesn’t talk. Frank gives him his personal phone numbers and says he will see about getting him out of the hospital.

Henry is upset at the family dinner about drugs being dealt out of that restaurant. Apparently, Henry loves that restaurant. Frank says there is value in giving something important to you the benefit of the doubt. Henry admits he doesn’t want to hear if things are changing at his favorite restaurant.

Sean is outside of the restaurant waiting to talk to Derrick. Sean admits he got a visit from the cops about the dead girl. Derrick says so what. A gangbanger got hit by a car. Sean asks Derrick why. Derrick tries to play it off saying he is not the only one who has the market on W18. Sean pulls a gun on Derrick and says why did you do it? Derrick then hits Sean and takes the gun. Derrick says the girl told the boss and then was going to go to the cops so that is why Derrick killed her. Danny and Baez are there to arrest Derrick for murder.

In court the defendant wants to thank Erin for the grace she has shown her. They are there for the sentencing. The judge has reviewed the documents and said that the defendant had moments of clarity where she did not report her actions and the judge sentences her to the minimum sentence of six years. The defendant is devastated and so is Erin.

Eric, Frank, Sid, and Eric’s commanding officer are in a meeting. Eric is talking about how the cops would bully each other in the locker room. Frank asks Eric if he has hard evidence that his boss would plant evidence. His boss gets very defensive. Frank tells Eric’s boss that he better get used to working with guys like Eric if he wants to stay on the job. Frank says good and that he wants Eric and his boss to ride back to the precinct together and go back to work together. That is the end of the episode.

This episode touched on a lot of important issues. Drugs, child pornography, brain surgery changing a person, police corruption and whistleblowing. What did you think of the episode?