Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (S02E02) “When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?”

Review: The episode begins with another one of her schemes to be around Josh and to get him to love her by convincing him she’s a pro at Ping Pong.

Yet, what got to me most was Paula’s musical number when she sings her “I Want” song “Maybe this Dream” like a Disney Princess. This one channeling Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. The musical number takes a hard satirical hit at the ridiculous nature of how these I want songs delusionally make a person care about the princess with its unrealistic lyrics about dreams that are too difficult and or too vague to achieve. We get that at the same time as we’re falling for Paula’s ambition as well. Basically two wins for the song. These songs no matter how funny we as people can’t deny their relatability because majority of us have had incidences like this and I quote “I go running and I have to take a dump. So, I have to rush home.” Sung beautifully by Donna Lynne Champlin herself. To have Michael McMillian and Burl Moseley portray the Disney pet(s) inspired song birds was just an added treat. With the laughs we have at the end of the song we are right there with Paula believing for sure that her dreams can come true. Unlike the wants of a Disney princess Paula’s dreams of becoming a lawyer is definitely not far out of reach. Leading me to believe that this season is one about growth.

Afterwards we are placed in another uncomfortable yet relatable situation with our other growing character Greg, yes telling your friends you’re an addict in his situation alcoholism. Leading into another once again relatable song about addiction. The Celtic folk inspired song talks about the ridiculous, embarrassing and sad situations every addicts goes through. The song is so inspiring and historical scenery so well designed that it makes us think of powerful Celtic folk classics such as The Parting Glass.

We see in the next scene the return of Father Brah and this time round we actually see him give Josh rather responsible and sensible advice in dealing with his best friend. Yet, as usual everything doesn’t go to plan when Josh puts it into action. Josh in his cheerful goofy way tries to talk to Greg. Mr. Rodriguez displays surprising skill with awkward moments especially when blatantly yelling he’s involved with Rebecca out of anxiety and guilt something I would love to continue to see in future episodes.

Greg’s repressing his anger towards Josh’s reveal until he gets back to work and unleashes on a wall was brilliant the reprise of I Could if I Wanted to was just the right thing to go along with it. While we see Darryl resenting Rebecca for his insecurities towards his lack of friends made me laugh even harder especially when he gave her spoilers to Game of Thrones. Yes, envy is quite the distasteful emotion. What I enjoy about what happens next is when White Josh finds out about Josh and Rebecca’s relationship the shock and jealousy he feels towards being told last makes me happy to see a more in depth look to his personality outside of exercise and Darryl is rather nice. To see White Josh display these new emotions is quite exciting along with it keeping theme of his boyfriend Darryl’s envy. As jealousy and envy are twin emotions.

The ending awe strucked me the most out of this episode. The moment Rebecca speaks with Greg and he tells her about how he’s happy that she’s in a relationship that he thinks is treating her right. She begins to question her delusions about her relationship with Josh and his feelings for her. Especially when he called her out on her lying about being a Ping pong champion although right was completely uncalled for because any real self aware person knows she only did it to spend time with him. The moment she says “I deserve to be in a relationship that treats me right.” was quite profound. I wonder in the future if Rebecca’s delusions fall apart who will she be without her delusions of a fairytale style true love.

I give this episode 5 out of 5 stars.

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