The Goldbergs (S04E05) “Stefan King”

Review: Inspired by the stories of Stephen/Stefan King (please Beverly, never stop mispronouncing words), Adam decides to write a horror story himself about the scariest thing of all: his horrifying smother. He finishes his story and after stumbling upon it, Beverly reads it and is very proud of her son’s work. So proud that she wants her book club to read the story about Veberly, the soulsucking monster as well. When they tell her that the story is actually about Beverly, she forces Adam to stay home on Halloween night to change his story and make Veberly nicer. When he tries to sneak out, Beverly catches him, and he continues to rewrite his first draft. When it’s finished, Pops tells Beverly that the new story isn’t as great as the old one and even though it wasn’t a nice story about Beverly, it was very well written. Beverly realizes this and makes up to Adam by getting Stephen King’s address and send him the Veberly story. “You keep writing about me, about this family. It may not all be true, but it’s pretty darn good”. I think it’s pretty great how that line reflects on the show itself.

The Halloween dance is coming up and after she’s been asked who is going to be her date, Erica lies and tells Evvie and Geoff that she’ll be taking Lainey’s hot cousin. Meanwhile Barry starts making fun of Erica for not having a date, the same way she did to him before he and Lainey were a couple. Erica realizes that she is ‘The Barry’ now, the mopey loser. Things hit a turning point though when it looks like Evvie can’t go to the dance because her grandmother is in the hospital, so Erica proposes to do a couple’s costume with Geoff. However, Evvie comes back in time for the dance, and informs Erica that she’s onto her little game. Now that she can’t take Geoff, Erica isn’t planning on going to the dance alone, so Lainey tells Barry to do a couple’s costume with his sister. Disguised in his costume, Barry goes to the dance with Erica (who still pretends her date is Lainey’s cousin), but Barry messes up and everybody finds out that it was actually him in the costume. Ashamed about everything, Erica runs out of the party, but Geoff follows her and tries to comfort her, as a friend, by singing ‘Suddenly Seymour’ together with Erica.

For the past few seasons, the costumes in the Halloween episodes of The Goldbergs have always been great, I loved this year’s costumes as well! Especially seeing Barry as a plant was hilarious. Besides the costumes, the storylines were very entertaining, both had really funny lines and a heartfelt ending, which is something The Goldbergs always manages to do well.

It was great to see Erica and Barry bond at the end of the episode. “You were there for me. If that’s being ‘The Barry’, then I’m okay with that”. But the best part was seeing Geoff and Erica. I’ve been rooting for them to be together since last season, and this storyline, especially the ending, was very satisfying. I can’t wait for them to finally become a couple (#Georica!!).

Rating: 9.5/10