The Vampire Diaries (S08E02) “Today Will Be Different”

Plot Summary:

A person from Stefan’s past may be Damon and Enzo’s next target; Bonnie attempts to free Enzo from whatever has a hold over him; Alaric and Georgie discover a mysterious symbol that may be related to a supernatural force.

As the episode begins we see Damon talking to a business man, who just happens to be Damon’s choice to feed the siren that is controlling him. After he feed her he decides to take a nap and dreams of when he first meets Elena.

Back at the Salvatore home we see Caroline writing to Elena to let her know she is moving in with Stefan and Bonnie’s hunt to help Enzo. Later as Caroline and Bonnie are at work doing research on recent deaths to find Damon and Enzo, they find a common piece of information. A girl’s name Sarah Nelson. There were two deaths of women named Sarah Nelson.  Her name is really Sarah Salvatore, she was the baby of Stefan and Damon’s Nephew Zachary. So Stefan gets worried and they all head to North Carolina to find Sarah so Damon and Enzo can’t harm her.

Alaric and Georgie are back at the armory going through more of the artifacts in the mysterious room and find more information about a siren. While doing research Georgie recognizes a symbol and freaks out and leaves in the middle of the conversation.

Back in North Carolina Enzo and Damon find Sarah and ask to speak to her in private. Immediately she stabs Damon with Vervain and Enzo tries to help her get away from Damon. Once back at her place they walk in to her apartment and find Stefan, Caroline, and Bonnie. As Stefan is trying to help Sarah pack Bonnie and Enzo have some deep conversation. She wants to help him and he tells her he has to go before his capture finds him with Sarah. As Bonnie and Enzo still fight about him not being able to just stay with her and not go back she drugs him with Vervain and kidnaps Enzo. While that is going on Caroline tries to the girls when Damon attacks her, steals her ring and breaks her phone.

After which he rushes into Sarah’s apartment he tries to kill her but Stefan stops him. When She tries to run away she gets stabbed by the siren. Stefan then breaks the siren’s neck but that didn’t wok. When Stefan tries to feed her his blood and heal her the siren makes him stop by controlling his mind.

When Alaric goes looking for Georgie he finds her and she shows him her tattoo of the same symbol that freaked her out before. When she talks to him she tells hi she saw the symbol when she was dead. She said she was dead for a minute and when she was out she saw the symbol. Georgie is surprised that after telling Alaric all this that he doesn’t think think shes crazy.

As Bonnie is trying to drive Enzo as far away he starts to feel the siren pull him back. This causes him a lot of pain.

The siren is mad that Damon didn’t kill Sarah and figures out the one thing that is holding him back. It’s memories of Elena. So she decides on invading his head and replaces Elena in his head. She transforms all his memories. As that happens Sarah ends up dyeing on the floor right in front of them all. In the hall way we see Caroline try to get up off the floor to get her daylight ring but Damon fractured her spine and can’t stand in the sunlight long enough to get her ring. Bonnie then shows up and helps her out and makes lets Caroline in on how alone she feels without Enzo. After their heartfelt moment they find out from Stefan that Sarah had passed away.

As Alaric and his daughter’s nanny talk about their days he gets a call from Georgie about finding the mysterious symbol on a piece of artifact. She thinks it was made in hell because that’s where she thinks she went when she died.

When Enzo finally returns back to the siren Damon attacks him so she ca get inside his head. When she does she sees his memories of Bonnie.

Back at the Salvatore house Stefan and Caroline talk about how bad it feels that his only living non-vampire family member died. He then shows her the work he is doing on the house to make room for her daughters and proposes to her.

I really liked this weeks episode because it gives you hope that Bonnie might be able to just save Enzo and that Damon might not be as far gone as you think.