Van Helsing (S01E07) “For Me”

This episode was an amazing episode but it leaves us with questions now as well and I’m sure with the next episode those questions will be answered! But I have to admit, I never saw that ending coming for Nicole, but I will get to that in the recap part of the review. And damn poor Mohammad he was so close to returning to his people and then they get far away once again, I just hope he eventually gets to his sister. And who didn’t see that ending coming for that refugee and Catherine. But I was a little worried there for Vanessa, I mean she can’t die because they just renewed the series for a 2nd season! But lets get to the recap of this episode!

In this episode: We see Dimitri (Paul Johansson) giving Dr. Sholomenko (Duncan Ollerenshaw) a delicious plate of stake and other goodies. Dimitri was then demanding to know what him and Rebecca (Laura Mennell) are up to and why they are spending so much time together. The Doctor told Dimitri everything, afterwards there were other measures Dimitri had to take care of meeting with one of Julius Vampires (Mike Kovac) who tells Dimitri that Julius thinks he is getting weak. Dimitri then kills the vampire splattering his brains all over the good Doctor’s food. Dimitri then demands Sholomenko to continue eating the food.

We then see Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) sneaking into an area where a Refugee (Jason Day) and Catherine (Sarah Desjardins) running away from a group of vampires that have been hunting them for days. The refugee gets ripped apart into and Catherine run away from the group of vampires only to be held down. Until Dimitri’s Death Squad arrives on the bridge demanding Julius’s vampires to move out of the way, when they deny the request the squad kills all of the vampires then they rip into Catherine’s stomach and chest and slit her throat. Mohammad then waits for the squad to leave and went to Catherine’s side to hear about what happened to Callie that she was ripped apart as well as Brendan was after Callie. And heard how Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) killed everyone else of her group before they left the hospital. When Catherine finally dies, and Mohammad then travels that way back to the group in the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Doc (Rukiya Bernard) checks to see how Vanessa (Kelly Overton) is doing with that wound only to see that shes getting worse. Shes getting to the brink of death again. Susan (Hilary Jardine) then asks Doc how shes doing when Doc tells her the bad news Susan tells her to keep her alive. Flesh (Vincent Gale) tells Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) they have trouble. Sam looks down to see an army of vampires marching down with Julius (Aleks Paunovic), Flesh then tells them they have trouble outside that they are wanting Vanessa. When Axel comes down he sees everyone just standing around and demands them to start arming up to fight Julius’s vampires that are going to break in at any moment. When everyone gears up, Axel asks Vanessa how shes doing and Vanessa doesn’t sugar coat it. Axel assures Vanessa if something does go wrong he will personally take out Vanessa himself.

Julius then sends in a handful of his vampires with Scab (Rowland Pidlubny) to get into the hospital. When the vampires seem to be weak around the ultra violet lights outside of the hospital Julius doesn’t take to that. The vampires then go to the ultra violet lights and breaks them. The vampires then go into the building with Scab; Axel, Susan and Sam then go to the escalators to defend the hospital. Meanwhile John (David Cubitt) and Doc work on reviving Vanessa, Doc then has an idea to get whatever is poisoning Vanessa out of her. Doc then gets a vampire tooth out of Vanessa which then makes her wound heal. When all of Axel’s booby traps go off at once in the escalators he has Sam and Susan retreat to the lab.

Axel then goes through a small mental breakdown while Nicole (Alison Wandzura) over hears the breakdown, she tells John if he has a plan that doesn’t get everyone killed and tells John about the breakdown Axel is having. Flesh then asks Nicole what the problem is and she tells him. He asks her how long ago was the breakdown; She tells him and Axel then requests for everyone to come with him. When they see Julius’s little bit of vampires retreat they then see some military grid weapons being fired off in the distance. Vanessa then wakes up to learn from Doc she had died again and they had to revive her from death again. Doc tells Vanessa they might not be able to stay here much longer. Julius then sees Dimitri’s Death squad walking towards the hospital and Julius then decides to retreat.

The Death Squad gave Axel and his group a decision, they can protect the “dead girl” from them or they can leave her and be on there way. Axel chooses to fight, he has everyone in the group go through the hallway of the ultra violet lights. They block themselves in to wait to see if it will affect the Death Squad. Only to find out Vanessa knows the one that is destroying the ultra violet lights. Balthazar (Rob Boyce) is the one who killed Vanessa the first place. Axel then chooses to reveal what is behind the “Keep Out” door which is a stair case. The group takes the stair case but Nicole chooses to run in her own direction which leads to a part of the Death Squad to follow her. Nicole then chooses to take her pistol after the Death Squad member didn’t die by the bullets she killed herself using her own pistol. Balthazar steps on a trigger for a bomb which then blows up the whole lab with the Squad in it.

In the end, Axel and the group escape from the hospital with a Apocalyptic Ambulance driving down further into the city and Mohammad trying to wave his group down but they can’t see him.

Next episode: Van Helsing (S1E8):  Little Things airs Friday November 4, 2016