How To Get Away With Murder (S03E06): “Is Someone Really Dead?”

Review: Last week, Frank hit it and quit it with Bonnie in Coalport, Annalise got reinstated and then found out about Frank and Bonnie’s sleepover, and Wes decided that the only obstacle left between him and Laurel was his girlfriend! Additionally, the flash forwards introduced us to Michaela’s mom Trishelle, revealed that the unidentified corpse is most definitely male and that no one can find Connor.  

This week? We open with the first flash forward of Michaela watching the news with her mom, where the local newscaster is reporting that the body found at the Keating residence is an unidentified male. Worried, Michaela calls Asher, but he’s not picking up. She leaves her mom at her apartment, warning her not to steal anything. Ouch. 

In the present day, it’s three weeks before the Flash Forward Mystery Event and we pick up right where we left off with Laurel just having dropped the bomb on Bonnie and Frank being in Coalport together at the exact moment Bonnie returned to Annalise. But she didn’t come empty handed, as she recorded Frank admitting to killing Wallace Mahoney. Which would be awesome, if exposing Frank wouldn’t lead to exposing everyone else, too. To make matters worse, they find out that Wes is already on the NYPD’s radar and quite possible considered a suspect.

While Wes himself wants to face the cops head on and just talk to them, Annalise has a different idea: “You take another step and I’ll chain you to the basement like Rebecca!” Damn. Way harsh, Anna Mae!

And, so, Wes gets put on house arrest.

Annalise: As we saw last week, Annalise got reinstated by threatening to sue the university for 50 million dollars and this sort of worked. Annalise’s reinstatement comes with a few conditions, though: no drinking, 3 AA-meetings a week and random alcohol tests! Also, Annalise has to be a little nicer to all those around her, both in and out of the courtroom. Which proves to be quite difficult, as A.D.A. Atwood has made it her mission to stick it to Annalise at every turn. Professionally, as she crushes Annalise in court, making Annalise hide out in a bathroom stall with a bag of potato chips. And personally, she finds out from Nate that they’re dating now.

The case: In class, Drake-not-the-rapper tries to make the Keating Five into the Keating Six, but his little stunt with the flyers has made sure that no one wants to be his friend. Even so, he’s chosen as Annalise’s first chair.

This week’s case involves a female army veteran, Daniella Alvarez, who slit a guy’s throat after he approached her at a bar. Dani believes she was triggered by a past event on a tour in Afghanistan, but this turns out to be a lie, as Dani was working a desk job the whole time. Still, Dani claims that she filed enough reports while doing that desk job, that it still left enough of a mark on her to lead trigger her. However, this claim comes after Dani was already put on the stand and essentially perjured herself. Annalise saves the day by letting Dani perjure herself some more and then going to the judge about it to present it as though she wants to play by the rules by telling the truth about her client. Dani then gets offered a deal and Annalise gets the benefit of one-upping A.D.A. Atwood once again.

The Keating Five: Everybody Hates Chris(tophe)! Even more so when Annalise lets the cat out of the bag and gives them the full story on Wes’s bio dad. Connor and Michaela then take it to the next level by channeling their inner ‘Mean Girls’, revoking Laurel’s “squad” privileges due to her association with Wes. Michaela at one point even tells Laurel she “can’t sit with us”.*

Connor drives the point home even more when he visits Wes to give him a piece of his mind and a death threat. He pretty much blames Wes for everything that’s gone wrong in his life, including Oliver breaking up with him. And, in the spirit of not taking responsibility for his own choices, maybe Connor should have blamed him for global warming, too?

But, to be fair, Connor is a little stressed this week. He finds out that Oliver wanting to “be alone” for a while means being able to see other people. Ollie goes on a hot date with Thomas, an acupuncturist who fully intends on seeing him again. Go Ollie!

Bonnie: Also not a fan of Wes? Bonnie! Bonnie and Wes in the same house goes about as well as to be expected! By which I mean, not well at all because I’m pretty sure they can’t stand each other. Wes thinks this is the right time to throw in a comment on Frank and Bonnie retaliates with pouring more salt into the “Rebecca” wound. Which is actually even crueler when you remember that Bonnie killed her…

Additionally, Bonnie continues to lie to Laurel about Frank and how they spent their time in Coalport. Of course, this does nothing to calm Laurel’s worries about Frank putting Wes at risk by clueing in the NYPD on Wes’s true involvement in the Wallace Mahoney case. So Laurel leaves Frank a lovely message, asking if he wants them all to go to jail. Which they should, but still.

 The only one who Bonnie can’t lie to is Annalise, who spends the episode making Bonnie feel even worse about being with Frank. Eventually, Bonnie tells Annalise that Frank is just scared to come home. With good reason, as Annalise confirms. Because if he does dare to show his face, she might just kill him herself.

Michaela/Asher: When Asher gets tired of being Michaela’s “meat stick” without any of the boyfriend privileges, he figures an ultimatum is the way to go. Either they start going steady, or he’s done. But Michaela won’t budge. Asher then tries to make her jealous by pretending to date a girl called Heidi. Who is completely imaginary. Much like Asher’s game. But because Michaela is not an idiot, it doesn’t work.

Eventually, Asher confronts her about it and admits that Heidi wasn’t real. Quelle surprise! Asher then *tells* Michaela he’s her boyfriend and she rightfully points out that that’s kind of messed up. They’re not cavepeople, after all! So then Asher says that while she’s not his woman, she is his family. Which is oddly sweet? Asher says he lost his family, but Michaela counters that she never had one and that that’s not a big deal. Even though it really is. Asher wants to be there for her, because he likes her. SO much. And Michaela ends up admitting that she likes him, too. Asher is most definitely out of “meat stick” territory now! They celebrate. In bed.

Annalise/Wes: After Nate fills her in on the NYPD looking into a possible suspect, Annalise comes home to find Wes wanting to use the recording of Frank in exchange for immunity. Annalise, however, is still on probation and unable to make any kind of deal with the DA’s office. Wes accuses her of not wanting to turn Frank in, but Annalise denies this, dropping the bomb of her dead son. When Wes apologizes, Annalise tells him it’s not his fault, but Wes isn’t hearing it. After all, he might as well add this to the list of things he’s to blame for with the week he’s having! But Annalise doesn’t let him take the blame for this one, explaining that it started with her taking him off the waitlist. Why? Because she wanted to be a better person.  

Then, Annalise decides to act on that instinct by getting him a lawyer who can do more for him than her right now. She tells Bonnie to call a lawyer to meet up with them that night. But when they get home, Wes is nowhere to be found.

Wes/Meggy/Laurel: Despite being on house arrest, Wes still gets things done. Namely, breaking up with his lovely girlfriend who’s too lovely for him, anyway. The break-up is beyond awkward, as Meggy tells him she loves him and Wes’s response is basically showing her where the door is. Let’s be real, though, he’s probably saving her life by breaking up with her…

After removing that one obstacle, Wes ends his own house arrest without Annalise and Bonnie’s knowledge and heads over to Laurel’s place. Before Laurel can stop him, he destroys Bonnie’s voice recorder right in front of her. To protect everyone, including Frank, because Wes seems to think this is what Laurel wants. Except it’s not. At all. Apparently, Frank’s not the one Laurel is in love with. Best news Wes has heard all day, made even better when Laurel climbs up – because Wes is a giant – and lays one on him.

Until she remembers that Meggy exists! Conveniently for Laurel – and me – Wes just broke up with her! Laurel then attempts to throw one more obstacle their way by mentioning how getting together would only make everything more complicated, but Wes has been waiting for this since before he grew all that lovely facial hair so that obstacle is no match for him! And, so, Wes and Laurel decide to complicate everything. Naked. The height difference is astounding! Did they just make that flash forward baby?

The End: Connor interrupts Michaela and Asher’s naked celebration with the news that Mahoney’s son is being held in custody for murder. Which is everyone’s cue to blame Wes again, because Annalise still can’t find him and on the phone, Connor says that he turned himself in!

And for a minute, it seems as though he’s right, when Laurel wakes up without Wes next to her! Thankfully, he’s just in her living room, watching the same local news broadcast, which now reveals that the son in custody, is Wade Kinsella! Or, on this show, Charles Mahoney, the other son and Wes’s half-brother! Remember him? Annalise was initially hired because he was on trial for killing his girlfriend, and Charles was eventually acquitted. This time, as it turns out, Frank set Charles up and framed him for Wallace’s murder by putting the murder weapon in Charles’s car.

Like Bonnie said, Frank just wants to come home. Which he promptly does.

In the final Flash Forward, Michaela –  in a stunning coat – finds Asher partying on campus! He’s not dead! Asher reveals that, earlier that evening, he was with Connor and Laurel, because Annalise asked them to come over.

So that leaves Connor, Frank, Wes and Nate as potential corpses? I’m scared.



*If the Keating Five were ‘Mean Girls’ characters, Connor would obviously be the Regina George, Michaela would be Gretchen and Asher would be Karen. Would that make Wes or Laurel Cady? One of them should be Damian. Drake-not-the-rapper or Laurel would Janis Ian. Where does this leave Oliver, though?