Z Nation (S03E07) “Welcome to Murphytown”

Review. Warning, this review contains spoilers. In this episode we see our three parties, well, four parties now: Murphy, Operation Bite Mark, Citizen Z, and The Man.

The team reunion and the crickets’s barbecue scenes succeeded in portraying them as the family they have became. Doc/10K scenes are bittersweet. Through the entire episode we see the poor good Doc trying to help 10K, but there isn’t much he can do if the kid is not willing to speak. I hope everything turns out fine for these two. The Man, what can I say about him, I’m not sure if he’s gonna be the big bad guy or not; he’s a fearless and determined character, if he joins the team — or at least makes a truce with them — he’s gonna be a huge help, but if he’s a foe, he’s gonna give them a hard time.

This episode has everything Z Nation has us accustomed: humor, silly jokes, drama, and reflective moments. One more amazing episode of an amazing series.

Quick Recap.

Murphy keeps building his new world order, the word is spreading, and his minions are classifying people according to their jobs/skills pre-zombie apocalypse. One of the people who come to join this new world is The Man. Murphy recognizes him and puts him to test to prove his loyalty: he orders the Man to get him some fresh brains and then take a bite. He does it but once out of the sight of Murphy he pukes what he ate.

The Man believes little Cassidy is Lucy and kidnaps her to force Murphy to go with him. Big fail. He’s captured by Murphy and his blends, and chained to the throne. But the man will do anything to carry on with his mission: he cuts his arm and escapes.

The team reunites again. Warren and the others have been fighting zombie spiders — that’s an episode I’d pay to watch —, Doc tells them about his time in the mental asylum, and 10K informs them about Murphy’s plans: Spokane, the vaccine, Dr. Merch.

Doc insists he should tell Warren about the bite, but 10K is so scared they look at him the same way they looked at Cassandra that he chooses to remain silent. Of course Warren is a smart woman and she realizes immediately something is wrong with 10K, but she gives him time before confronting him. Later 10K tells them about an expedition to Springfield, where Lucy is. Sun Mei tells them that Lucy may have inherited his father’s immunity so Warren plans to get her before Murphy does it. The plan is simple, they split up: Doc and Addy go to get Lucy, the rest of them will go to Spokane and try to stop Murphy.

In Spokane, 10K starts to hear Murphy’s voice inside his head. Now that Doc is not around, Warren decides to confront him, they find out  he was bitten, 10K takes a booster shot with him and runs away. To make things worse, Murphy succeeds in restoring electricity. Warren realizes if they want to win this battle, they’re gonna need backup.

Simon, Kaya and her family arrive to Northern Light facility and succeed in restoring the power. Now Citizen Z is on air again but now with Kaya, the new hot lips of the apocalypse, as she says in her first broadcast. On their way to Springfield, Doc and Addy hear Citizen Z and Kaya’s transmission.

My thoughts.

“These two satellites decided to get married. Wasn’t much of a wedding. But boy was that reception amazing”. I hope to hear more of Uncle Kaskae’s jokes.

Older blends are starting to act like crazy fanatics, they’re really creepy. And Murphy realizes this, too. Is it just me, or  he is starting to question his actions?

The crickets’s barbecue scene was my favorite.

Kaya’s rap was amazing, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Who’s gonna be the backup? The Man? The Red Hands? Chinese soldiers? The crazy people from the asylum? We’ll have to wait to know it.