Conviction: (S01E04) “Mother’s Little Burden”


I’ve waited this long to write this review because I waited forever to watch this episode. I just kept looking at it on my DVR and not finding the urge to watch it. This should speak volumes as to how I feel about this show. I think they’re trying for something edgy but falling flat with something very cliche. 

Anyways? What happened on the episode? The fallout from the end of last week’s episode; Hayes has to face the music for being given a job rather than jail time after being caught with cocaine. 

She doesn’t really want to explain herself to the media and thinks that a quick interview will settle the situation. However, her brother and everyone who manages her, thinks it will take more. So she has to practice the party line and then spew it back in a one on one in depth interview. She tries to play by the rules but that lasts all of a few minutes. She ends up confessing to everything and letting everyone know that she’s not in the least bit sorry. She said she has privilege and she intends to use it to help people who don’t have as much as she does. This works for her because now everyone is on board with ‘fight the power’ Hayes but not so much for people like her brother, her Mom, and the DA. Her interview backfired on them because she painted them as the bad guy by saying they capitalized on her privilege, something she didn’t ask for. The DA doesn’t even want to have a conversation with her and her brother kicked her out. 

As for the case, it involves a mother who went to jail for killing her special needs son. Her son was abusing her and she had a vlog where she documented her abuse. On it she mentioned wanting to kill him. After investigating, the team finds out that it was the daughter that killed her brother not the Mom. However, her Mom wouldn’t let her confess and instead confessed so that she would stay in jail rather than have her daughter get arrested. 

Buss laugh moment of this episode: When Hayes is reminded of her Nigerian prom date she made a comment about wishing he were still doing to her what he’s doing to Mother Nature. He works for an oil company. Get it? haha

Punched in the feels moment of this episode: When she returns to her brothers apartment with an olive tree hoping to apologize and give it to him as a gift but her stuff is all packed and with the doorman. He kicked her out and did in a way where she couldn’t even say goodbye or apologize. She was actually in tears. I actually felt for her a little. 

Made me ponder for a sec moment of this episode:  The mother is willing to let her daughter be free while she stays in jail. I get it, I guess. She wants her daughter to have a life. But what happens when someone else in her daughter’s life becomes too much to handle? Is she going to off them too? We don’t know that this is only a one time thing. 

Not really looking forward to the next episode, but I think I will stick out the season. If this is renewed for another season, I’m going to wonder if people have been watching the same show I’m watching. 

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