Shameless (S07E05) “Own Your Shit”

Warning: Full Spoilers

Child Protection Services is back in Shameless once again and some might think it’s repetitive but it is only a motif in Shameless’s writing and story arc. And a much needed one at this time since Debbie has been carelessly dragging Frannie along with her during her schemes to get money. Getting into fights with street beggers and getting ran over by wheelchairs aren’t safe situations nor environment for a baby, so getting child protection services involved was the more realistic thing Shameless could’ve done. And honestly I didn’t see it coming, I thought Shameless was done being harshly realistic because they haven’t done a plotline like this since season 4.

Well, one thing that I can definitely see coming in a future episode of ‘Shameless’ is Frank getting rid of all the homeless people and living in his home the homeless shelter all by himself. After 6 seasons of Shameless Frank is a character I feel I know personally. Nothing he does surprises me anymore, but I also know how conniving he can be, and I bet he is going to try and kick all the homeless people out of the shelter so he can have it for himself. Especially now since the new home owner will let them live there, and they have tons of new appliances. Not saying Frank will be successful in his attempt to get rid of the homeless people, but he will definitely try.

Is there hope for the future of the Gallagher’s? Well Lip is investing his time in a new scam that might get him a lot. Not like Frank’s or Debbie’s small scams. Hacking a credit-card based company could make him alot of money, and on the plus side, he can’t go to jail for it because the company itself is shady. Fiona is heading down the right path. And sets her eyes to managing the old Laundry Mat across the street from Patsy’s. But can she mange both at once? Oh, and Carl is on path to military school.

I’m really digging Ian’s storyline with Trevor, but I can’t get on board with the two of them as a pairing. It’s already been confirmed that Noel Fisher is returning as Mickey. It’s hard to imagine Gallovich getting anything other than a happy ending. The pause on their relationship at the beginning of Shameless Season 6 was clearly just a way to keep Cameron Monaghan on the show for a little longer after Noel left. Now, it makes perfect sense to give them that happy ending.

 I genuinely think if the show goes beyond Shameless Season 7, we’ll be losing some of the key players. It sucks, but it happens on most shows this late into their run.