The Big Bang Theory (S10E06) “The Fetal Kick Catalyst”

Review: Now that Sheldon and Amy have been living together for some time, Amy suggests to have a dinner party. At first Sheldon doesn’t want to, but later he throws a brunch to surprise Amy.  He thinks they are not ready for a real dinner party yet so he uses this as a practice run and invites Bert from the university, the Romanian lady from downstairs and Stuart. We know that Stuart can be a pretty pathetic guy, but compared to the other two guests, he’s probably the most interesting one. When Stuart finds out that he’s part of the trial run, instead of really being considered as a friend, he’s hurt and wants to leave. But Sheldon tells him that he knows what it feels like to be left out, and says that Stuart really is part of their friend group. He proposes a toast and the night ends with a drunk Sheldon and Stuart.

Penny is being invited to a small Comic-Con for her work on Serial Ape-ist. Leonard is pretty excited and convinces Penny to go there so she can sign autographs. When they get there, the only people who want Penny’s autograph are there for Penny’s looks and not necessarily for her acting. Leonard gets a little sick of all the attention the nerds give her, and tells them to back off because he’s her husband. Looking at Leonard (especially when he’s wearing a change maker), they don’t believe what he’s saying, but when Penny confirms that they are actually married, Leonard spends the rest of the convention lecturing the other nerds on how to land a pretty girl like Penny.

After feeling the baby kick, Howard is afraid that he and Bernadette aren’t ready for the baby to come so he and Raj go out to buy a crib and even a minivan. Again (like in the last few stories with Raj), there was not a lot going on in this plot. I just really want him to get his own storyline soon because so far he has just been hanging around Howard and Bernadette (even Stuart was part of another storyline this week!). So I hope we get to see that soon, instead of another storyline like this.

So far I’ve loved the direction the writers are taking the stories of Sheldon and Amy living together and the one of this week was a lot of fun as well. It was great to see Stuart not hang out with Raj for once, it has been a while since we saw him like this. The other two dinner guests were really funny too and seeing Sheldon drunk is always something that will make me laugh. Besides that, the episode had plenty of great lines and other funny scenes. I also really enjoyed seeing a storyline solely focusing on Penny and Leonard, they can sometimes be a little boring, but this episode proved that they can be funny as well.

Rating: 8.5/10

FYI. Next week’s review of The Big Bang Theory will either not be posted at all, or will be very late (yes, even later than this one) or will be written by somebody else.