American Horror Story (S06E07) “Chapter 7”

Review: So first things first…shame on me for not realizing i never hit publish. So yes this review is late so my deepest apologies. But more importantly lets talk about “Chapter 7”, lets say that it is definitely one of the most violent episode in the entire AHS series.  To sum it up I would call Wednesday’s episode simply “blood bath”. Sooo much violence and gore I thought I was watching “The Walking Dead”, there was even Negan style head bashing to go along with the theme of “fucked up”. Ryan Murphy’s words not mine, but it really was one messed up episode so let me fill you in on the details. 

So a quick recap we know the the actors, and the people they played they’re all back in Roanoke for a reality series that, as we discovered last week, will kill all but one. So the episode starts with Sidney in the production truck gloating over the fight between Matt and Dominic. One of his employees comes in and asks if he’s heard from Diane, who isn’t answering her phone. Sid brushes them off, and as you know Diane is dead. Then the cameraman sees the security footage of Rory being killed by the nurses, but before they can rewind the tape, there is a scream. They go out and find Sid’s assistant with her throat slit …and subsequently killed themselves. It’s Agnes, who still believes she is The Butcher. Clearly therapy failed but moving on.

Audrey continues to search the house for Rory, whose body has  disappeared. They go to the room where he was killed and see blood, but Audrey  thinks that its a set-up . Audrey believes Rory finally left her because he couldn’t be with an older woman. Audrey it’s not always about you, sometimes it’s just really creepy nurses get over it. 

Agnes meanwhile hides herself away in the underground bunker. While her “real” self  regrets killing Sid’s assistant,  The Butcher  feels it was necessary for having intruded upon her land. She talks about only  three episodes, but she was able to get more because she was the star. Suddenly the lights in the room go out. She lights the candle again and stick figures from the colony magically start appearing. Literal fan-girl moment for Agnes because it seems that The Butcher wants to make a real appearance.

The next day Dominic tries to seduce Shelby, but she wants nothing to do with him. Matt walks in and tells Dominic can do whatever he wants to her. Harsh dude. Dominic then proceeds to the confessional, where he says he intends to play the role Sidney is paying him for…TV reality villain. He takes out a body camera disguised as a necklace and promises the audience that we are in for a roller coaster.

Shelby goes upstairs looking for Matt, and finds a bloody camera in the bedroom. That’s when Agnes shows up, vowing revenge on everyone for not being a part of the show. Shelby tries to escape, but Agnes catches her right in the back with her cleaver. Shelby, screams at Agnes, tells her she’s going to make sure everyone knows who killed her. Right before Agnes can deal the final death blow, Dominic comes busting in, quite heroically I might add and smashes Agnes’ head through the window. He goes to check on Shelby, but when he turns around, Agnes has disappeared.

Audrey, Monet, and Lee after tending to Shelby decide to make a trek to the production van to find out why exactly Sidney hasn’t called for an ambulance. They take the underground passage to get out of the house, but are chased out by the ghost of Rory in his Edward Mott outfit. Back at the house, Matt and Shelby have a heart-to-heart. Shelby apologizes again for cheating with Dominic, but Matt insists that it was the house that ended their marriage. Telling her that he hasn’t felt human since escaping the house and implies that he came back to attain a bit of what he lost. 

Back outside, the three women find the trailer and Sid’s corpse. Again felt no remorse for his death.There’s no sign of a way to call for help, so they have no choice but to hike through the dark to the nearest town with the Blood Moon high in the air. Suddenly, Agnes pops out of the woods, and shoots her . While they are fleeing, Audrey gives a tearful goodbye message to Rory professing her love for him cue the blood dropping. They look up and see Rory’s bloody corpse strung up in a tree, seriously how convenient eh?.

 They see people approaching with flashlights and try to escape. Unfortunately,  they are tasered and blinded with cloth sacks. Meanwhile, we see Agnes back in her bunker, removing the bullet from her body with heated pliers. Seriously the woman just won’t die.

Back at the house Matt rises from his bed and heads towards basement in an almost trance. Dominic follows him, and guess who is there? It’s Scathach, looking nothing like her Lady Gaga counterpart. Dominic brings Shelby down to the basement, and she grabs a crowbar and attacks Scathach. But before she can continue, Matt pulls her off and tells her the real reason he came back: he wants to be with Scathach. Umm Ew! And that’s when Shelby uses the crowbar to go full on Negan and beats her ex-husband’s skull into nasty, bloody, bits. 

Now we go back to Lee and the others, who have been captured by the cannibal hillbillies that Sidney couldn’t find. They chop off her left leg while using her own camera to film everything. Then they head downstairs and feed pieces of Lee’s flesh to a horrified Audrey and Monet, tasering them as they are forced to eat it all. 

 Meanwhile, Dominic is trying to talk to a hysterical Shelby and convince her to confess since there are cameras everywhere. They hear a knock at the front door. Dominic goes to see who it is, thinking it’s Sidney. It’s Agnes wielding a torch demanding that Shelby and Dominic offer themselves to be sacrificed. But through her speech, she doesn’t see a group advancing towards her. It’s the real Roanoke colonists, and leading them, wearing a black Victoria Era dress and a stern gaze is the real Tomasyn White, a.k.a. The Butcher. Agnes  is killed by the very woman she idolized. That’s how “Chapter 7” ends, and next week: Torture, more torture, and the pig mask comes back.