Quantico (S02E05) “KMFORGET”

Review: Quantico’s Sunday episode was basically Henry running around trying to figure out what is going on between Alex and Ryan. Things take an interesting turn when Ryan, Alex, and Doyle are implicated in a murder by Owen. We find out Doyle is a real life 007…kind of. Doyle explains that he is there training on a sort of exchange program where one of the CIA’s agents is training at the English equivalent of The Farm.  All of this is disclosed during the “One year earlier” flashbacks.

It is also revealed that Harry plays for the other team, and his between the sheets fun-with Will Olsen is all a ploy to learn more about Ryan and Alex. Olsen is clearly smitten, and only trusts Harry so far. Back at the farm Ryan and Alex close in on Leigh. They search her room and are caught by Doyle as they leave. The three end up drugged and left in rather compromising position. They regain consciousness in the classroom semi clad and posed as “a threesome” which Doyle hilariously pouts about not remembering if it was good.

The class is given assignment and Harry volunteers to team up with Alex and Ryan.  Owen asks Leon to help him set up the journalist who ruined his career to which Leon agrees. Leon manages to bump into Shelby three times and it proves fruitful because they end up eventually going on a date. Doyle then realizes that Shelby must be Ryan and Alex’s handler.

This then leads us up to the clever frame job. Doyle, Alex and Ryan are set up by Owen during their “field trip.” They go to a hotel suite and find a dead man on the hotel room bed. Owen explains to them that their DNA has been scattered throughout the room and that they must clear all traces of themselves at the crime scene and get out before the police arrive. Of course they are given a decent amount of time to solve this little problem…a whole 13 minutes.

Alex and Ryan have Shelby and Raina  help frame Doyle for the murder. The aim is to frame Harry and force him out of The Farm.  They expect him to use the “get out of jail free” card which equals automatic expulsion. Then in a scene that seemed almost endearing Ryan gets Leigh’s fingerprints and Harry comes strolling in not expelled and wanting some answers.

In the present, it is  obvious that Miranda is playing for the other team. She is not, however, alone. Will, who was approached by Shelby for help after getting the text from Boyer, tells Shaw that he is “in.” Whatever that means.

Alex again manages to somehow get herself out of another dire situation and takes out a small group of terrorists who were hunting for her, and almost dies at the hands of another group. However, she finds a friend in one of the would be executioners who shoots  the bad guys and stages Parrish’s death.

As Alex then runs up the stairwell, she literally bumps into Lydia, Owen’s daughter who is supposedly a hostage. Obviously Bates is on the same team as Miranda and Olsen.  There is a lot of twists and turns going on behind the scenes. Will is certain he has managed to convince Shelby of Miranda’s innocence. But has he really, Shelby Wyatt has always been one of the smarter agents and I doubt that she truly believes Miranda is anywhere near innocent, and hopefully next week we find out.