Scorpion: (S03E06) “Bat Poop Crazy”


Toby is trying to help create the myth of Happy and Walter’s happy married life. Right now, they are working on their Halloween costumes from each year of their marriage. Then Toby quizzes them on their lives. Paige helps quiz them too. Toby is reminding them they need to know the most intimate details of each other’s life. Walter complains about how hard it is to fake emotion. Paige talks about Halloween while growing up.

Cabe comes in and tells them they are moving out in five. They have a mission. Sylvester says no, he has Halloween plans. Cabe says they are going to a remote location in Arizona spelunking in a cave to save endangered bats. Happy is staying behind as she is pregnant. The bats have a disease. Sylvester is freaking out. He says they are flying sacks of diseases. Walter says if they don’t help the bats, it can wipe out Western civilization. The team enters the cave. They plant some sort of devices to encourage the bats to leave the cave.

Sylvester is freaking out. Meanwhile, someone reaches out and grabs Sylvester. It is the zoologist they are supposed to meet and he is freaking out. He says he and his wife were attacked. He doesn’t know where his wife is. They review the footage on the zoologist’s laptop. He says the bats are behaving in a way they never have before. The bats came and attack them. His wife falls. The zoologist is sick. Toby says all the bats are sick which is why they attacked. Toby says they need to get the zoologist to the hospital in 30 minutes to get the right serum or he will die. That’s not good. Meanwhile Cabe says they have to go deeper into the cave to find the woman. Sylvester says so we are going to go deeper into the cave with the killer bats. This is how every scary movie starts. LOL! Poor Sylvester.

Happy sends them information on how to get to the hospital. Toby is driving the zoologist. Ralph is with Happy. He has a big knife to carve pumpkins. Happy says no and takes the knife away. Next Ralph wants to inject the pumpkins with something toxic to make them explode so they are easier to carve. Happy says no toxic exploding pumpkins. Happy is getting a crash course in parenting.

Of course, Walter is discovering more problems in the cave. He and Paige slip and fall. Ralph goes against Happy’s wishes and injects the pumpkin and it explodes all over him and he is a mess. LOL! Happy lies to Paige about what is going on over there.

The zoologist is hallucinating. First he sees a clown. Then he tries to leave the car to go get his birthday cake. Then he passes out. Somehow Toby gets him on his feet. I think Toby ran the car into something so they have to travel on foot now.

Sylvester and Cabe encounter a bunch of bats and the dialogue is hilarious. Sylvester says “We are not alone.” Cabe says “It’s like the movie The Birds which you probably did not see.” Sylvester says “Oh I saw it and I thought it was a movie about ornithology. I was so disappointed.”

Then Toby and the zoologist run into a problem. The clinic is closed for Halloween so Toby breaks in as the zoologist will die soon without the serum.

Some kind of cave in or explosion happened in the cave and Page and Walter are cut off from the others. They are still looking for the zoologist’s wife. Walter and Paige end up having to go spelunking. Paige is surprised Walter knows how to do this. He says yes I watched a spelunking video. LOL! Then he tries to talk them through it. Walter tells Paige he knows she is lying about something. She admits she lied earlier when she talked about having nice Halloweens growing up. Her parents separated and she was left with her dad and he didn’t let her go out and celebrate Halloween because he was too devastated by the loss of his wife.

Meanwhile Toby is desperately trying to save the zoologist’s life. Toby is going through all of the medicine at the clinic but he has to find the right one. He refers back to the video the zoologist took.

Sylvester and Cabe are navigating the cave and Cabe says the bats are more afraid of them than he is of them. Sylvester says he doubts that. They encounter a lot of bats. Sylvester talks to them saying he is just a large bat with glasses. LOL! He was on the phone with Toby to help Toby identify the right bat so Toby can find the right serum. Sylvester starts bonding with the bats saying they are not so bad and asks one if he wants to come back with them and be part of Team Scorpion but then the bat bites Sylvester. Oh no!

Sylvester is saying “Man down. Man down.” Toby tells him to calm down as he has the medicine.

Happy had Ralph clean up the mess he made. She is busy between trying to help the team and watch Ralph. Well, when her back was turned, Ralph has eaten a lot of chocolate and now he doesn’t feel good. Poor Happy.

Paige and Walter have found Jody, the zoologist’s wife. Unfortunately, she is very sick. They have to figure out a way to get her out of there. They accidentally set off the gas that kills humans. Walter says they only have about ten minutes until they die. How are they going to get out?

Cabe and Sylvester get out and drive to the clinic. Walter and Paige are frantically working to get out. Walter is working on some kind of explosion. Of course, it works. Toby is driving back to them and sees the explosion. Walter and Paige bring out Jody. Sylvester says this is how every scary movie ends. We all get blown to hell. LOL! Toby has medicine for Jody and Sylvester. Toby promises Sylvester he will be OK and if he starts to change he will put a stake through his heart. Everyone is excited to get back to Team Scorpion headquarters for their Halloween party.

They make it back. Cabe is dressed in a suit and sunglasses, the Corey Hart song Sunglasses at Night. LOL! Sylvester is dressed like a vampire. Paige is dressed like a nurse or scientist. Toby is dressed like an obscure German psychologist. Not Freud. I didn’t catch his name. Ralph is dressed like pumpkin pie and he gives Happy a kiss and said she will be a good mom and she took good care of him today. Walter isn’t wearing a costume.

Paige gets a text from Tim. He is driving over from the airport to take Walter and Paige trick or treating.

The lady from INS comes over and they show her their Halloween album. Cabe offers the lady candy corn. She says that’s her favorite candy. She asks why they like to dress up in costumes for Halloween. Walter spins a tale for the lady about his Halloweens growing up. It touches the lady from INS. She says don’t mind me. I’m just going to look around. Toby tells Walter he did a good job spinning that tale for the INS lady. She is enjoying looking at the album. Then she notices things dated 2014 and 2016 in the photos that are supposed to be from the year 2010. She says a suspicious person would say these pictures are staged. She leaves. Toby tells the team they are in deep guano. That is the end of the episode.