The Blacklist (S04E06) “The Thrushes”

With Alexander Kirk’s noose tightening around his neck, he uses Liz to his advantage, Aram has some relationship issues, and baby Agnes might be in real trouble.

This episode starts out like any other; with a bad man talking to other bad men about doing bad things for money. Thankfully, one of the bad man: Rene LeBron is captured by one of Reddington’s men and immediately taken into his custody. Yay.

As it turns out, LeBron is using a large sum of money to let criminals, who are being sanctioned by the US government, do as they please until they are out from under the microscope. Believe it or not, he’s not even the Blacklister, but he does get shot in the head; apparently by one of Kirk’s many assassins. Oddly enough, this is all part of Red’s plan to lure our big bad, Alexander Kirk out of hiding.

Now that LeBron is dead, Nick’s Pizza has some deliveries for our friends in the Post Office, and we soon see Aram, Navabi, Ressler and Cooper all being scanned and monitored for any electrical device. Mysterious…

As it turns out, there is a mole in the FBI which explains how Kirk’s organization found out about where LeBron was going to be, but not who the mole might be.

This question will have to come later, as the FBI knows how the hack happened in the first place, and organization called The Thrushes. This organizations lives for two things, cash and the challenge of the hack. Naturally, the Thrushes’ specialty is cracking systems without leaving a trace of evidence behind.

To recover from a hack like this, the team has a plan, feed Kirk misinformation and use that to their advantage.

With Mr. Kaplan still in chains, her captor pulls out his best creepy antics by saying that someone is probably looking for her and what is the next course of action. Lying to her captor, she says that she tried to kill herself. Using his best tracking skills, he goes off to look for the weapon she used.

Navabi using some of her sources, she discovers the hack was perpetrated by Aram’s new girlfriend, Elise. Bringing it to the team (sans Aram), his unintentionally discovers that it was someone who got to him, i.e., someone who got to him. Elise.

With Elise coming to Aram’s place for dinner, he vows to go undercover and confront her, leading to a fairly intense fight scene which Aram confessing his love for someone else… Who could that be?

Having Elise in custody and the hacking plan under suspicion, Liz is planned to meet with Kirk and officially cross the FBI. She calls Kirk to tell him that the FBI and Red know about the hack and the two set to meet an another location.

Now that Mr. Kaplan’s captor knows the truth about Red and Dembe being in the area when she was shot, she is in some real trouble.

With Liz and Kirk finally meeting each other, her father tells Liz (much to her horror) that the other location is a trap, and soon Red will be killed.

Red was smarter and knew that it was a trap and slowly picks off Kirk’s men, which leads Kirk to do something rash. Standing atop the roof’s ledge, he shoots Red in the arm and threatens to jump with Agnes in his arms.

With Agnes safe, Aram and Navabi on a not date, and Mr. Kaplan being force-fed; Kirk is locked away. Many questions still stand; but everyone seems to be safe for now.

This was a great episode. Although I think it was a bit of a rough way to treat the Aram character, his storyline with Elise was a lead in into the Navabi/ Aram love story. I also really enjoyed seeing Liz trust Red again, despite her acting he’s the devil incarnate earlier in the episode. Hopefully this leads to new passages for the show. 7/10