The Odd Couple: (S03E03) “I Kid, You Not”


Felix and Charlotte are watching her son and Oscar play video games. Charlotte tells her son Evan it’s time to do homework. Felix tells Oscar it’s time for supper. Teddy asks if he can bring his children over for Halloween.

Felix goes over to Emily’s apartment and it is completely decorated for Halloween. Felix says he is going to let loose and party this year. He is going to host a haunted history tour of the building. He wants Emily and Dani to help him. They say no. They have plans to eat popcorn and watch scary movies. He gets them to agree to help them. He says he will get them scripts.

Evan has to go to his aunt’s in Long Island for Halloween as Charlotte has to work that evening. Oscar volunteers to take Evan trick or treating. Charlotte says her sister is super responsible. Oscar says and he isn’t. Charlotte says she likes Evan a whole lot and she would like to keep him. Ha ha ha ha ha. Charlotte caves and says he can stay with Oscar who promises to be very responsible.

Felix comes out in his costume for the tour. He looks good in a top hat and tails. Oscar asks if he and Evan can tag along. Felix says sure. Teddy brings over his son. Charlotte brings over Evan and says they need to be home by ten.

Felix greets the tour group in the lobby. Lots of people are in attendance. One of the kids is dressed like Albert Einstein and talks just like Felix. Oscar says “Oh my God there are two of them.”

Felix starts the tour. He is playing the part of the builder of the apartment complex. They enter Emily’s apartment. Emily plays the part of a man who was murdered. Dani plays the building owner’s nurse. Dani says there are 17 clues in the building to solve the mystery. The children get bored and slowly start to peel off from the tour.

Suddenly Oscar realizes he has lost Evan. He enlists Teddy to help him.

At the end of the tour it is just Felix and Albert Einstein. Dani and Emily are in their hiding places waiting for the tour to come through. Little Albert admits he doesn’t like Halloween either and he can’t wait to be a grownup and he doesn’t have to do this anymore.

Oscar knocks on Charlotte’s door. Evan is home and covers for Oscar and says Oscar did a great job watching him. Oscar can’t take it and he confesses that Evan ran away. He says to Evan you scared the hell out of me and I ran all over the building looking for you. Evan says it was no fun. Oscar punishes Evan. I am surprised Charlotte let him. She actually tells him he handled it very well. Oscar wants to know how she can be a parent for 24 hours a day. She says wine helps. She says it was sexy to see Oscar step up and be responsible.

Felix comes back to the lobby where all the kids are. A ghost comes up behind Felix and the kids all look scared. Felix acts scared and says he has come for my heart and he squeezes something that looks like a heart. The kids scream and run. Einstein says that was awesome. Felix says he needs to get Einstein home. Emily and Dani are still stuck in their hiding place. They say they feel a tail attack them and they run screaming. That is pretty much the end of the episode.