Chicago Fire (S05E04): “Nobody Else Is Dying Today”

“Nobody Else Is Dying Today” is hands down the most dramatic episode of the season so far. When Matt gets stuck in a factory with acid, he must work desperately to save himself and two other people before the explosion occurs.

This episode was clearly driven by the plot. It was fast paced and intense throughout the entire forty minutes. While it balanced the intensity with some comic relief – new developments for the secret book and a fake dream of going to Mars – the majority of the episode left me on the edge of my seat. This is exactly what Chicago Fire is meant for, and it is good to throw in a couple of these action focused episodes here and there.

There was a pattern and rhythm to the episode, just like there are for others, but this one never left me feeling bored. The director had a clear style throughout the episode and stuck with it, leaving no scenes that felt out of place.

Getting deeper into the season, I would really like to see Louie talk more. So far he’s been sort of a stagnant character, there to cause trouble for Matt and Dawson, but not fully a character himself. I think there is so much more you can do with this character and it would be a true shame if the writers don’t do more by the end of Season 5.

This was the exact kind of episode Chicago Fire needed in order to make sure viewers return after their short break. Look for more episodes November 15th.