Legends of Tomorrow (S02E03) “Shogun”

With Nate and Ray both stuck in feudal Japan, the team must not only rescue the pair, but also stop a mad shogun from taking over a small village.

Having a royally pissed off Vixen aboard the ship is never a good thing, but thankfully a new meta is taking on our stowaway. Nate Haywood has a… steely (the jokes only get worse from here people) new outlook on life and has Mick thinking about how cool the name Steel is.

Now that Nate has some sweet powers thanks to a not Nazi super-serum, what to do? As the newly appointed leader, Sara lance is under the impression that ray should teach Nate how to use his powers since it was his serum. Makes sense.

Vixen is smarter than she looks and with her on the Waverider, Sara thinks that the same time traveler that murdered Hour man, is the same person who gave the Nazis the serum. Detective Lance is on the case. (No, not that one.)

With Ray training Nate, it’s time for some rough housing. After all, how is he going to learn unless he gets his hands dirty? As it happens, our history detective does not know his own strength and ‘accidentally’ hits Ray so hard that he opens the cargo bay in the middle of the time stream.

Thankfully, Sara uses more of those leadership qualities and has Gideon close the bay doors, but as our favorite AI and fire starter says, “We’re screwed.”

In 1641, both Nate and Ray find themselves in very different positions; Nate in the care of a beautiful woman who is more concerned with caring for the strange man who fell from the sky than the  dangerous shogun. Meanwhile at the shogun’s mansion, Ray is being tortured and having his “armor” confiscated by the same dangerous shogun that would kill Mosako for harboring Nate. Rough luck Ray.

Mosako has apparently has even worse luck that Ray and is supposed to marry Tokugawa Ieyasu,the vicious and brutal warlord that hold Ray Palmer prisoner. What could go wrong?

Speaking of things that can go horribly wrong, Jax and Stein have uncovered a secret compartment on the Waverider left behind by Rip. Surprisingly, Jax is being the responsible one and in favor of fixing the time drives before searching for the unexplained compartment.

Oh look, more things going awful. Nate can not seem to turn on his new meta powers which causes him to get stabbed. But it’s more of a flesh wound, so YAY. Thankfully, Sara, Vixen and Mick are tracking Ray’s ATOM suit and, believe it or not, come across ninjas.

With the team retreating on account of the shogun’s surprising technological capabilities, the team came for Nate was about to kiss her.

“I designed it so an idiot can use it.”

“An idiot does.”

Since the entire region of feudal Japan is at stake, the Legends decide to stick around. (Mick mostly wants the sake. I can’t blame him. Have you tried sake before? Mercy.)

Much to Rip Hunter’s dismay (or his hopeful attitude), the Firestorm duo have found the hidden area of the Waverider, and are met with a ton of heavy duty weapons, and a message from The Flash himself, Barry Allen… from 2056. Barry wants his message to be kept a secret from the entire Legends team.

With Ray literally beating Nate with a stick, Nate learns that the only way to stop the shogun is to destroy the suit; the only think that makes Ray a hero.

Back at Mosako’s home, Ray is sulking, and who can blame him. It’s easy to feel like a failure when you’re surrounded by people who know who they are as part of a team. Even easier when the bio-engineered not Nazi super-serum was supposed to be for you, but ends up saving someone else’s life. I hate it when that happens.

Back at Mosako’s house, her father tells Ray that his son was a highly revered samurai. Due to his popularity, Ieyasu ordered Mosako’s brother to commit seppuku (ritual suicide). The shogun is a massive tool.

With Ieyasu upon the town, Nate is in a bad way. However, a HERO ARISES. Dr. Palmer comes out in full samurai armor to take on the shogun, but loses his chance at first.

Konnichiwa, scumbag.”

While the ninja warriors look for the villagers, the ronin Sara Lance faces off in a rematch against some henchman.

“I don’t wanna shoot you guys. I LOVE ninjas.”

Dammit Mick. You just had to get caught up in the situation. (*ahem* Sorry.)

With STEEL at 100%, Nate and Ray manage to literally obliterate the ATOM suit. Now that the history has been saved, (Kinda? They did kind of kill an important feudal Japanese shogun.) Mick actually gets a pretty cool souvenir. Like he needs more weapons.

Now that future Barry’s (not other Barry) message is ringing in the ears of Firestorm, the Legends take off for the next adventure. Hopefully this one has them taking down some bad guys, and not creating them.

This was another really cool episode. Seriously, who doesn’t love ninjas? Speaking of, the Master Yoda reference was really appreciated as the Legends have been known to use the ways of the Force. And, when it comes to references, the Yamashiro name drop couldn’t be any clearer as a Yamashiro descendant, Tatsu, helped Oliver Queen escape death after his fearsome battle with a certain member of the League of Assassins. I am really hoping to learn more about Vixen’s backstory as it relates to the larger Legends storyline. All in all, 7.5/10.