Lucifer (S02E06) “Monster” Review

The case kind of fell in the background being overshadowed by Lucifer’s spiral from his guilt over murdering his brother, Uriel and Maze spending quality time with Trixie. Dr. Martin and Chloe have deep concerns about Lucifer as he comes undone being even more outrageous and inappropriate than normal. As Lucifer and Chloe investigate the murders of a “corpse bride” (make up artist having a zombie theme wedding; irony) and a food truck guy, Amenadiel mourns Uriel as well. Mom takes Amenadiel on a stroll through the woods talking about Uriel. They arrive to where Lucifer had buried him and Amenadiel denounces his Father for not stopping any of the events that led them to this point.

Maze and Chloe moving in together starts out bumpy. When Chloe is held up at work and learns that the baby sitter ran out screaming after seeing what was in Maze’s room, Chloe has little choice but to ask Maze to take Trixie out trick-or-treating. Maze lets Trixie be whatever she wants to be: The President of Mars. Maze decides to let some of her true colors show when Trixie says she wishes Maze had a costume. Maze sheds some of her human features to reveal a half rotted demon face. But Trixie thinks it’s awesome and Maze heaves a small sigh of relief. Lucifer and Chloe manage to catch the murderer who blamed a drug trial for killing his wife but as he often does Lucifer connects with the perpetrator who feels he’s the one who should be punished for what happened to his wife. Which is exactly how Lucifer feels about what he did to Uriel.

Chloe goes home to find Maze and Trixie cozied up asleep on the couch watching monster movies. Maze could have just gone off to party after or even take Trixie to said party but instead the demon was having more fun hanging with this awesome kid. Though Trixie believed Maze’s true form was the mask she was more accepting than Dr. Martin was when Lucifer finally revealed his true nature. Chloe convinced Lucifer to talk to someone about his troubles even if he won’t talk to her. Sick of all the so-called metaphors Dr. Martin wanted Lucifer to finally reveal his real self. Seeing the Devil’s true face left Dr. Martin speechless however, and Lucifer seems to be without a therapist as he left a bit lower than when he came in.

A+! Lucifer and Dr. Martin have hit a crossroads in their relationship. Seeing her reaction may prompt Lucifer to retreat deeper into himself. Dr. Martin was actually doing Lucifer some good even though she never believed in his “metaphors” she still helped him work through his issues. Without Dr. Martin who will Lucifer turn to now? After seeing how his true face terrified his doctor, Lucifer may be even more closed off, falling into his mother’s arms for support which in my opinion is not good. I still feel like Mom is using her sons’ hurt feelings and resentments towards their father to turn against God and help her retake heaven. That’s just my theory anyway.