The Strain (S03E10) “The Fall”

Review. Warning, this review contains spoilers. Season finale arrived and it was EPIC! The Fall is an episode full of tension which will keep you glued to the screen till the very end; it turns the apocalyptic scenario even darker than it already is, and gives you one more reason to hate Zach.

Palmer officially breaks his alliance with The Master and joins Team Setrakian. He knows that now that Eichhorst is severely wounded, the Master will hunt him to take the nuke back. Using this as an advantage, they plan to ambush the Master at Stoneheart’s headquarters. But The Master doesn’t lose time and send strigois soldiers to rescue Eichhorst. While another group of soldiers ambush Palmer before he can make it to his penthouse, then The Master himself shows up and takes Palmer’s body as his new vessel.

In the meantime, Setrakian has to deal with the love triangle Eph-Dutch-Fet. In my humble opinion, this was completely unnecessary, I mean, the world is coming to its end and they decide to make a fuss about who slept with who. Pointless! And it made Fet look like a spoiled brat. But good professor Setrakian makes it clear that if they want to stay, they have to work as a team, so they put their personal issues aside and start moving.

At the Stoneheart’s headquarters, and not knowing The Master has taken Palmer’s as his vessel, everyone takes their position. Setrakian and Eph heads toward Palmer’s penthouse and find him there. It doesn’t take too long for Setrakian to realize something’s wrong with Palmer. And the Master can’t — or doesn’t want to— keep his cover. Now the fight begins. Dutch, who’s in the security office, see them fighting and warns Fet, and he rushes to the penthouse with the silver coffin. They keep fighting while Dutch tries to connect the device. For one moment it makes you think the Master is gonna kill them all, but Dutch turns the device on and Quinlan arrives on time, pushing the Master inside the coffin and sealing him there.

Everyone breathe a sigh of relief, step two is throwing the coffin deep down the sea…and everything would be perfect if it were not for Zach. What’s his role in all of this? Let’s go back a little bit: when the Master took new form, he retrieved the nuke; Eichhorst armed the device and went with Sanjay to place it on Liberty Island, but he left the detonator with Kelly and Zach.

Now that the Master is sealed, strigois can no longer hear his voice, that makes Kelly starts acting weird and creepy. Zach tells her the Master is upstairs and convinces her to go see him, but when they go they don’t find the Master, but Eph. Eph and Kelly get into a fight and Eph has no other choice but to kill her. Watching his dad killing his mother makes Zach angry, and he makes the most stupid decision he can make: he pulls the detonator and the nuke explodes, releasing the Master from his coffin and engulfing the city in darkness.