Aftermath: (S01E06) “Madame Sosostris”


An episode full of quiet reflection and final goodbye’s, at least for the first few moments of the show. And then the tremors interrupt the quiet, snapping the mourning family back to their grim reality. The family needs to keep moving, and now that this place holds some bad memories, leaving the safety of the compound is their only choice. 

Once again the family chooses to split up. We know how well that worked out last time, so you are met with this foreboding sense that something bad is going to happen to both parties, even though they have extra muscle with them this time. Karen, Matt and Dana must gather supplies at a supposedly abandoned Summer Camp (which is now the hideout of escaped convicts).  While Joshua, Brianna and Devyn (who is acting odd) seek out the university in search of research and possible answers. 

The Jubokko plant makes another appearance. Not only does it take care of imminent danger when the escaped convicts are trying to cause trouble, it also has impeccable timing to disrupt any shenanigans, which Dana unfortunately found out (again). 

Meanwhile Joshua runs into a new threat. A Shapeshifter (Aswang), which attacks him while he is in search of Dr. Douglas who is somehow connected to what has been going on in the world. The Shapeshifter was only trying to protect the doctor, and when we finally get to meet her face to face, there is a hope that answers will soon follow. If only that’s the way it worked, but in this show, you are left with more questions (and a bunch of index cards with important information). 

Everything and everyone is connected to the end of days in some way, shape or form. It is not just coincidence and some people seem to be more in tune with what is going on than others. Dr. Douglas had predicted everything that has happened up to that point, she is connected to the bigger picture. Every culture and religion has their own belief on what the end of days will bring, and it’s not just one, but all those predictions and beliefs that have come true and descended upon the earth. There is no stopping this “wave”, it will eventually come crashing down on them all. We are no longer in the end days, we are in the end hours and it’s just going to get worse from here on out. 

The volcano is stirring. And as Dr. Douglas begs to be put out of her misery, there is that struggle between right and wrong. All lines have been blurred now, nothing is what it used to be, yet it is still so hard to make that choice. In the end the extra muscle that was with Joshua (Jane), put the Doctor out of her misery. 

There is so much to process, and so much going on in this episode, you almost lose yourself to the bigger details and forget about the small. Like when Devyn pointed the gun to his head and said. “I don’t want to hurt you”, while Brianna pleaded for him to stop and eventually got the gun from him. It’s the little things like those, that bring something more to the story. No one is safe. No one can truly be trusted. Even those you love. 

On the flip side we see how well Karen is dealing with her sister’s death when the convicts are holding her captive and laugh about how they had already killed Dana (which of course they didn’t),  she went blind with rage, shooting every single one of them, killing them. Her excuse when asked later why she did it her answer? “They got what they needed.”

The family is back together. Not without incident, but they are in relatively one piece. You are able to see how much every person has changed. No one seems too surprised when Devyn completely loses it and goes after Brianna, after all he was possessed by a Skinwalker the whole time. It shows you how intelligent the demons are, and the lengths they will go through to get what they want. I won’t mention what happens next, but we find out that love truly IS stronger than any other force out there. 

And as the camera pans out, showing what resembles a family trying to hold onto hope, smoke is rising from the distance from the awakened volcano. The time is near. I’ll be rooting for them till the bitter end. 


Rating: 9.5/10