Impastor (S02E06) “The Bish is Back”

Plot Summary:

Bishop Perkins returns with an announcement that rocks Trinity Lutheran; Sheriff Graham turns up the heat on Buddy regarding a recent murder in town; Alexa reveals an astonishing secret.

This weeks episode on Impastor was awesome! There was a lot of humor and suspense with this episode. We got to see a lot more of our favorite sheriff Graham. She had quite a few of funny interactions with Pastor Buddy while she tries getting answers from him on the suspicious death of Ray .

We also got to see Bishop Perkins return to see Buddy about some exciting news. Which just happens to cause Buddy to freak out about his identity being found out.

One thing I loved seeing this week was more awesome moments within the church. During which we saw Dora stand up to Bishop Perkins and fight for Buddy.

What I love the most about Impastor is the fact that they leave each episode off with a cliffhanger. It makes you want to come back and see the next episode. I really like this weeks cliffhanger.

Make sure to check out this weeks episode to see who Buddy is talking to. Catch up with Impastor on, TV Land App and on Demand. New episodes happen every Wednesday’s at 10:30pm.