The Flash (S03E05) “Monster”

Okay guys sorry I’m a little late getting to you with this review but at least I made it and I’m not so terribly late maybe a little, okay maybe a lot.

I have to say this episode was an improvement when it comes to Harrison “H.R.” Wells (Tom Cavanagh) for comedy because we all know Tom Cavanagh has a comedic side he just hasn’t been able to show it for this series just yet, and was also an improvement episode for Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker). I kinda felt like for the director of this episode was kinda wanting to make this a sci-fi episode with the whole “monster roaming the street.” So okay the one thing I think I truly loved the most was that we got to see Caitlin Snow’s Killer Frost side coming out when she was threatened by that dick of an assistant scientist Nigel (Thomas Cadrot) but I will get to that in a little bit.

So within this episode we have Barry (Grant Gustin) going to a meta-human app alert when he gets there he sees a Monster! However Cisco (Carlos Valdes) can’t see anything until he uses the Star Labs satellite which he sees a monster that would give Godzilla a run for his money (am I right or am I wrong?) When the team loses track of the monster they try gathering enough intel so they will be ready for for when the Monster returns, while Wells (Tom Cavanagh) gives advice towards Cisco to create a carbon fiber wiring to trap the monster with. When Barry gets to the CCPD he goes to Captain Singh’s (Patrick Sabongui) office where he sees his science arch nemesis Julian (Tom Felton) being a taddle-tale towards Barry signaling he’s been disappearing for no reason and has no disciplinary action towards what hes been doing. Captain gives him a small talk and gives Barry a chance to redeem himself towards Julian. When Barry and Julian get back to their lab, Barry makes a daring offer towards Julian by saying if its okay for him to shadow him for the day to see things in Julian’s perspective and if Barry fails then Julian gets the lab. Julian agrees and tells him he will contact him when hes ready. When Julian calls, Barry observes hes jealous about the meta’s having their powers and fails Barry with his shadowing because of almost defending the meta’s.

Meanwhile, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) visits her mother Dr. Carla Tannahauser (Susan Walters) to find out some info on the current work her mother is working on with cryogenic studies. Dr. Tannahauser then shrugs it off to “give me the case files and we will see what we can do for the patient” but when Caitlin reveals shes the patient, her mother changes everything to start helping her daughter. When Caitlin is waiting for her mother to get started Nigel (Thomas Cadrot) takes some samples of Caitlin’s blood and then they get started. Tannahauser then tells Caitlin to freeze a chamber that is burning hot so hot it would melt the skin off of someone. Caitlin then freezes the whole chamber within seconds but reveals shes absorbed all of the energy from that chamber. Tannahauser then tells Caitlin they are taking more blood samples to try to figure out why her skin is creating a plasma state after using her cold ability but Caitlin then brings out why her mother pushed her away when her father died. Only to reveal Caitlin’s tragedy that she lost her husband Ronnie Raymond 2 yrs ago. The two of them bury the hatchet and start making up for lost time. Until Nigel tries locking up Caitlin to keep her as his lab rat, he wants to dominate Caitlin’s mother but Caitlin starts freezing Nigel’s arm with her eyes beginning to glow white. Caitlin’s mother Tannahauser then comes in to stop Caitlin saying she has never raised a “killer” Caitlin then let the freeze power release its grip on Nigel.

H.R. and Cisco then locate the monster telling Barry its time to do “Empire of the Sun” wait thats not right “Empire Strikes Back” thats better, Barry makes a ‘star wars’ pun and thinks the carbon wiring will work but reveals theres a problem the monster is a hologram. Barry/The Flash then runs to the police standoff to reveal to the police the monster is a hologram. Julian tries shooting the perp but Flash saves the bullet and the boy’s (Isaiah Lehtinen). Julian thanks the Flash! Julian then tells Barry about the encounter and that he almost killed a boy today. Julian then tells Barry about his sad little rich boy story  then was black sheeped (I don’t buy it). Barry then tells Julian his sad story and the two of them go out for drinks! In the end of the episode Caitlin’s mom told her through a video to not use her powers, the more she uses them the more it will be impossible to reverse and cure her. Caitlin then freezes the computer with her powers!

We wont get no new Flash for the next 2 weeks so enjoy a break from new episodes or go crazy like how I will!

Next episode: The Flash (S3E6): Shade airs Tuesday, November 15, 2016