American Horror Story (S06E08) “Chapter 8”

Review: So first off last nights “American Horror Story” was as good as it seems to always be (Freak show not included) but I have to be honest when I say I am not a fan of the whole “Blair Witch Project” affect.  Yes, yes I know it’s real time but the constant back and forth of the cameras was starting to give me a headache. Anyway back to the show. So when we left off Agnes was murdered by her idol and lee became dinner for those creepy hillbilly cannibals and to her cast mates…gross. 

Lee spent the first half of her arc having friendly conversation with one of her human eating captors.  Her new friend regaled her with stories of how he and his messed up family celebrated, with undertones of incest and of course the delicious human meals they cook up. So at this moment I was feeling sorry for Lee and it seems her captor was as well. He even allowed her to make a video for her daughter where she admitted to the murder of her husband (GASP), honestly that revelation was as surprising as the fact she took drugs with her captor to “take the edge off.”

I am not sure if the fact she murdered someone or if she is just really tasty but her Polk captor Jether seemed quite hot and bothered and I was thoroughly grossed out, he non too subtly showed Lee his interest and she went along with it. Now at this point I couldn’t blame her, I mean anything to stay alive right…right? Luckily sex was not on Lee’s mind and she is able to overcome and injure him.  

Sadly her compatriots were not as successful as Lee. 

After realizing she had murdered the only man she had ever loved, Shelby slit her own throat, much to Dominic’s dismay. Dominic was convinced this was all part of the show and  kept yelling for Sidney to come and help, not knowing Sidney was long dead. I mean Sidney promised him a spin off so Dominic couldn’t die.

Back at the Polk farm, Lee killed Finn Wittrock, and Audrey took down Mama by smashing her head in Negan Style. Side note I found it hilarious that Shelby 1 and 2 both went full on TWD.  Monet escaped, but didn’t get very far before the Polk’s were chasing her down in the dark. It’s unclear whether she got away. 

When Audrey and Lee returned to the house, they found Dominic, alone, sitting in a room with Shelby’s dead body, in shock. He tried to explain what happened, but Lee was sure Shelby would never murder Matt,  I mean she loved him and went there to fix their issues. Granted I don’t think Shelby was expecting her husband to develop a fetish for creepy witch ghosts. So, they locked Dominic out of the room to be slaughtered by pig mask who by the by is actually a Polk himself and a legend..

In the morning, Lee realized that she had lived, and now there was a tape of her confessing to killing her husband. So, she convinced Audrey that they needed to go back to Polk farm in order to destroy the tapes of them killing the people who tried to kill them because logic. Honestly Audrey get it together.

Fortunately, they were distracted, first by Dominic’s dead body, and then by the pig mask at the door…except it wasn’t pig mask. It was someone named Dylan, who looked an awful lot like Wes Bentley. So woo for new character but where is Taissa Farmiga and when does “Asylum’s’ Lana Winters make an appearance.