Arrow: (S05E05) “Human Target”

Review: The first thing I just have to point out is … Could Oliver just embrace the fact that he now has a team? Not the best team, because Evelyn’s acting is kind of sad, but it’s a team nonetheless. He saved Rene from captivity of Tobias Church, but he could have been more successful if he wasn’t alone!

By the way, I feel like Tobias is a cool villain. Maybe I’m saying that because I love the actor from The walking dead, so correct me if I am wrong … But he does seem quite badass. And he now knows who the Green Arrow is. That’s why they decided to fake Oliver’s death (which seemed pretty random, don’t you think? And I thought it was funny, the way it was put), so Tobias would think he was wrong. While this truly was random, it was a smart decision.

I’m glad Diggle is back … He needs more screen time, QUALITY screen time. And the new team Arrow would feel less random with him on it.

Oliver now finally knows about Felicity and her new romantic interest, which brings me to my next thought … I hope Billy isn’t some horrible villain. I want them to work. Just because … I’m bored of Olicity. They were good while they lasted, but that’s enough for me.

At the end, the new villain learns who the Green Arrow is, Tobias ends up getting killed and the journalist woman figured out about Oliver’s Bratva days. Well, almost. That being said … The ending was interesting, at least that. Otherwise, a pretty mediocre episode. But it was probably the best of the season yet.