Chicago Med (S02E07): “Inherent Bias”

“Inherent Bias” consistently put characters in uncomfortable places. This created lots of tension and showed different sides of fundamental characters.

Sharon is presented with her first love in this episode. This creates drama between her and the other nurses. It’s a good chance to see her in a more passive situation. She still tries to call all the shots, but she is forced to be a guest instead of the boss.

Reese is continually presented with challenges when it comes to her patient-friend Danny. Dr. Charles seems very nervous when Reese wants to agree to let Danny spend the night at her house. But he escapes before she can stop him. I’m so glad the writers are continuing to tell his story, and hope to see a positive ending to his story, especially because of how deeply invested Reese has become.

I enjoyed Will’s endeavor down the new medical trend, and was glad to see him sticking into his own boundaries. When he gets a proposition to move in with his girlfriend, however, it is clear that he may not be fully over Manning. What are your thoughts about this proposal, should he move in or not?

Chicago Med left us with a big cliff hanger at the end of “Inherent Bias.” April run out of the bar coughing and with a fever. It’s fair to say we’ve all gone to worst scenario possible and let’s hope that’s not the case next week!