Stan Against Evil: (S01E01&02): “Dig Me Up, Dig Me Down,” “Know, Know, Know Your Goat”

When the great writer Dana Gould has an idea, it’s best to let him run with it. Run he did and the product is IFC’s newest hit, “Stan Against Evil.” Some have dismissed this great show as a rip-off of “Ash vs Evil Dead.” This could not be further from the truth. The two shows are like comparing “The Walking Dead” and “ZNation.” 

The only things these shows have in common is great actors and great writing. Why should you watch this show? Well, the cast of John C. McGinley, Janet Varney, Deborah Baker,Jr., and Nate Mooney. The writing by Dana Gould. Stan Miller is so politically incorrect and doesn’t care. He’s funny as hell. The overall aspect is great. We are getting to know each character as the show goes on. Give it a try…you might just like it.

Stan Miller, the ever so reluctant anti-hero, played to perfection by John C. McGinley, was the sheriff in Willard’s Mill. At the funeral of Stan’s wife, he is pretty much forced into retirement when he loses it and attacks a witch, Stella Stanas. He’s replaced by Evie Barret (played beautifully by Janet Varney). Which doesn’t set well with the gruff, speak his mind Stan. Evie also gets Deputy Leon Drinkwater (Nate Mooney), who is quick to inform Evie of the curse. It seems all the constables are killed in office, due to a centuries old curse. The 1600’s sheriff burned witches: 172, to be exact. That is where the demons come in. They blame the current sheriffs and kill them all.

When Stella Stanas appears again, Stan is forced to go into his late wife’s “Off limits” sewing room. After a bit of guilt, Stan opens the door to find not patterns and thread, but some really bad ass looking weapons. His daughter Denise, played by Deborah Baker Jr., knows so much more of what’s going on. She informs Stan about Mom’s necklace, the one she would “read the words in the book from” then go out. 

When Evie’s daughter gets kidnapped by Stella and Evie gets tied to a stake, Stan is the only one to help her. “28 years. I was sheriff for 28 years and I never got tied to a stake. You’re here one week. Exactly one week…” and the battle with Setella begins. “Pipe to the head. Never fails…not that I’ve ever done that to a suspect. That would of course, be illegal?” But the fun doesn’t end there. Stella fights on and Stan clubs her to death. Taking the necklace, Evie reads that they have to circle her in salt, at which time Stan revels he steals condiments. No judgement here, Stan. So, after opening many little salt packets, Evie reading from the book and Stan chopping her up, Stella gets gone. For Good. Down to 171.

In “Know, Know, Know Your Goat,” a little goat goes around town…killing people. It’s actually a Baphomet Demon. Evie meets local crazy Ray Taft, “About as sharp as a bag of socks,” who is screaming about demons and shows her a “salad tossing” fork and spoon necklace. She trades her whistle for it. When Stan gets up, Denise has a father-daughter day planned: Berry picking. Denise goes by herself, where she meets a new friend: the goat. Whom she brings home to meet her Dad. 

Back at the station, Deputy Leon is trying to order a Russian bride..or at least girlfriend..we’ll have to see how that turns out. Evie goes to see Ray, only to find out that Stan’s late wife, was “The Lady who knows.” He tells her that she used to hunt demons, protecting Stan, but now that she’s gone, Stan is in play. Meanwhile, at Stan’s, Denise’s new friend, the goat shows his true demon form. Baphomet is a trickster, can be anywhere at anytime, but Stan has a gun, which, Denise reminds him, Mom never allowed in the house. He tells Denise they may have to shoot themselves since they don’t have any “black capsules” (cyanide pills). Stan equates the situation they’re in with “Jaws.” What did they do to the shark? Yeah…that’s where we’re going.

So Stan improvises a bomb….several aerosol cans taped together, which he finally manages to get strapped to the goat’s horns. Duct tape works every time. When he goes to shoot it, he misses, then his gun jams. Evie shows up and shoots the “bomb” off the horn of the now demon. They seem pretty screwed. As the demon attacks, Denise, armed with the salad tossers attacks, nailing the demon in the back with the utensils. That takes care of that one. Down to 170.