Supernatural (S12E04) “American Nightmare”

Hello all! If you can’t tell from the gif above that were dealing with “special abilities” then you don’t know Supernatural! Alright! So we start off with the THEN of scenes from the earlier seasons where it mentions about Sammy having powers (well use to) & then to where Mamma Winchester leaves us (still hurts!) & then to the Lord’s house (trust me, he’s not listening..he’s really not). Now in the church everyone is praying, doing confession, lighting candles, and oh look there a lady walking down the aisle with bloody holes in her feet. Wait, what? Oh, an she’s being lashed on the back by an invisible force. What?! WHAT! Yes folks, at this moment in time we notice that SUPERNATURAL has returned to the Dark Side. THANK GOSH! I missed all the dark & traumatizing episodes, so glad there kicking it old school.

No one knows why the lovely lady had holes in her feet, lashes on her back, & speaking in tongue. But no worries the Winchesters..oh I’m sorry. The Father(s) will assist in the situation ( them dressed as priest this season looks a 1000% better then some seasons ago), with a tad bit of sass from Dean. If you can recall (we all can) that Mamma Winchester left & broke the boys hearts. Sam and Dean cope in there own way with the crazy crap they go through…but we get to see a new side of Dean (well a side were not use to). Dean shows sass to the following: the case it self, the father of the church, the guy who’s trying to tell them about the body, & even dear old Sam. An we all know how Dean will be, he’ll want Sammy to drop it & they get distracted with the case. But you know good old Sam, he doesn’t let go. So here’s what we know so far: Woman dies in a church, not a demon, not possession, not a god or goddess, no voodoo. But they conclude that it’s a ghost or the witch lady that took over the dead chicks job. Guess who’s going for the witch? (correction, wiccan) Dean. An Sam wants to stick to his gut that it’s not her. Why? Well I’ll tell you.

Before the boys came up with there opposite opinions, they did visit the dead chicks job, met the wiccan (who Dean can’t trust), and got the case files. Then another one dies. Just a simple veggie boy. All he wanted to do was deliver fruits & veggies! That’s all. Yet after looking through the files at clients after veggie boys death they find a God Loving Happy country family. So, the boys dress the part (in those tacky sweaters, OMG! ), jump the fence (Sammy walked around; Dean attempted to jump over), & they questioned the family. Doesn’t take long for us to all figure out something is off. They ask them if they believe in God (trust mt, both Dean & Sam know the dork), split them up to calmly talk to them individually (Dean with dad & Sammy with the unstable mother), but Sammy has a terrible experience with the mom then what Dean had with! The conversation was touching in the beginning of the mothers accident, her daughter, the mothers drug addiction, and how she found her way to God. Then pulled a 360 saying “It was all God’s plan.” or “Oh, I see.” when she found out the veggie boy died or about her daughter’s past situation. Sammy was like a firecracker on that woman! Like she ran him hot mad! Of course the woman had nothing to say back cause the man of the house came back in and told them to get out. But..we see the basement…they have a girl locked away, with the same lashes, but she’s alive…OMG

Which brings us to the boys splitting up. Everytime they split up something bad happens. Sammy goes to search the house, hides, finds out that there is more going on in this house then expected. Sammy then finds there dark secret. Magda is alive & being whipped like no tomorrow and having to speak in tongues the bible. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Someone please put a bullet in there heads! Sammy wants to take action, but gets seen. Crap! Tries calling Dean but kind of fails when he gets hit on the back of the head. As for Dean, he was question the wiccan while gripping his gun & ready to blow her brains out! But he doesn’t, for he notices *drum roll* that he was WRONG!!!!! An then rushes to Sammy’s rescue.

Now here’s where things get crazy as hell! Sammy wakes up in the basement with Magda & has a conversation with her. For he notices she’s been brainwashed into thinking she’s the Devil & she should be punished for having the Devil inside her. But Sammy tells her she’s wrong, an that she’s not alone, and that there are others out there like her. Then we finally see her smile (touched my heart) but then the true devils came down the stairs announcing it dinner time. The food literally looks like slop, Sammy is trying to get out of that chair but is having no luck, & pops takes the first bite. He’s foaming at the mouth!!! FOAMING! Then bangs his head on the table, the camera pans out to the table in the other room…RAT POISON……no..NOOOOOOO! This lady has lost her mind! She’s all like, “Now we can all be in heaven together! They won’t separate us. NOW EAT!” At this point I was yelling at my TV along with Sammy for the son to not eat that damn food! At least let him live! Nope. Instead the mom stabs him cause he gets in the way to protect his own sister, who used her powers to knock away the food. Then she tried to point the knife to her heart. Yet good old Sammy talked her out of it…damn it.  I really wanted that woman to die! I really did!

After this craziness I just want a cop to bunch the lady in the face as she keeps screaming, “She’s the Devil! The Devil! Pray for us all!” I’m just like =, “SHUT UP!” But they do have a good departure with her and the wiccan. The wiccan will talk to her for a bit, Sammy gave her his phone number to call whenever she needs help, and Magda gets to go live with her Aunt in a peaceful place. Cool right? Well, it was until Magda got off the bus & that British asshole freaking shot her. Yup. There was a British dude on a black motorcycle tailing them. I’m getting really tired of these British Men of Letters, like GO AWAY!

(Also, Dean & Sam finally know about Lucifer’s new body. An how he’s at the bottom of the ocean & that Cas + Crowley are working together)