The Great Indoors: (S01E02) “Dating Apps”



We find our fearless adventurer trying to awkwardly navigate the waters of high tech dating. It becomes more and more clear that Jack is out of his element, and with some coaxing and the almost helpful advice from Roland, he decides to enlist the young guns (Mason, Emma and Clark) to help him with this problem.

Let the hilarity ensue. The times have certainly changed, and you can no longer walk up to a person and actually talk to them. The age of dating apps reigns supreme, and he must learn the ways. To swipe left or right, that is the question. Against the warning of the others, he swipes right hastily. It’s a different world now, but that is something he must learn that on his own.

The date is awkward and just as you would envision, painful to watch and ends with his identity being stolen from him. What seemed like a scam from his disastrous date, turned out to be his own mistake, a selfie gone wrong. You feel sorry for the guy, he is trying to find out who he is now, because he lost so much of who he was. 

It was nice to see that his co-workers, who seem to be turning into “friends”, have his back when things aren’t going so well for him. This new world is tough, and just because he is “As grampa as it gets.” Doesn’t mean he can’t change. It’s a tough world out there, that’s why it’s nice to have people in your corner. 

Another great episode filled with puns, great comedic chemistry and the knowledge that scotch cures whatever ails you.  


Rating: 8/10