The Real O’Neals’ (S02E04) “The Real Move”

Review: Tuesday’s episode of  The Real O’Neals’ left me quite bored to be honest. Although I was happy to get a break from Kenny’s never ending “issues.” And perfectly stated in the episode “Not everything is about you being gay, Kenny!”  This episode focuses on taking down the sanctity of marriage, and turns it on it’s head by celebrating instead the end of a marriage.

In “The Real Move,”  Pat  and Eileen  are working through the divorce by having Pat plan to move out and Eileen works at getting a new job. The kids, of course are convinced they are the reason for their parents’ misery, and the decimation of their marriage. They then try to help them move on with their lives i.e making a mess of things.

Pat and Eileen assure their kids that they were probably happier at the end of their marriage than they ever were in the beginning. Which I’ve got to say, if I was one of their children it would be mighty depressing to learn from my parents that throughout their marriage and my growing up they were never happy. Just saying.

The family decides to set up a mock wedding ceremony to “celebrate” the divorce. Eileen wears her wedding gown as she walks down the aisle, and Kenny presides over the proceedings holding a Bible, because he is of course the most suited for the job due to Little Saviors Winter Bible Camp. They promise that despite the marriage ending they will always be a family, and that things won’t change too much. In fact Pat stats the kids will probably get tired of the fact he will be in their lives so much. So in the end the O’ Neals’ plan to stick together as a family albeit a bit more unconventional and I am sure next weeks episode will focus again on how gay Kenny is.