Supergirl (S02E04) “Survivors”

With an alien fight club on the loose, it is up to the DEO to stop the underground ring. Meanwhile M’gann M’orzz and J’onn give each other answers about how they survived on Earth for so long

Our episode starts off on the planet of Daxam, sister planet of Krypton. Mon-El has been protecting the prince of Daxam, but he was tricked into a Kryptonian pod. Before Mon-El was set to launch, he saw that his prince was wounded.

Now that said flashback has ended, Mon-El’s powers are being tested at the DEO with Kara’s disdain for the Daxam prince being shown quite extravagantly.

With the last son of Daxam finding out that there was no response to his distress call, Alex gets a call from our favorite detective in the NCPD. An alien was found in the trunk of a car with not only heavy bruising on his hands, but also the race was a peaceful one. Not surprisingly, the killer was also a non-Earthling.

Following the events of the last episode, J’onn arrives back at the bar where he met the mysterious M’gann. J’onn learns that the only reason she escaped was by mercy shown from a White Martian. She takes slight offense with J’onn wanting to “take the bond” (ie share a psychic connection).

Thanks to Winn identifying the way our other non-Earthling died, Agent Danvers and Det. Sawyer looking for a Bravak. However, in the middle of interrogating said alien, he is inexplicably abducted by a shadowy group who toss the poor Bravakian into a very scary van, leaving Agent Danvers to make sure Det. Sawyer is okay.

Heads up, Supergirl pouting is a weakness of the last Son of Mars. Caving under the pressure of his two non-Martian daughters, J’onn reveals the news of him meeting another green Martian.

Following the new of Mon-El learning the fate of Daxam, he calls Kara’s mom a babe. That’s weird. Damn you Winn.

With the cold shoulder that Kara gave to Mon-El, Maggie Sawyer invites one Agent Danvers to a not date that involves gorgeous dresses and mysterious masks.

Horrifyingly, this leads to an underground fight club. The contestants for the evening? Quill, the Bravakian and one Miss Martian, aka M’gann M’orzz.

With the match underway, the Girl of Steel herself, Kara Zor-El enters the ring against a very scary reptilian and kind of gets her butt kicked. (Seriously. Have they not seen ‘The Incredibles’? NO CAPES.)

As it turns out, Mon-El is a sneaky Daxamite appealing to Winn’s vain sensibilities, which leads to the two not only getting drunk in a bar, but also kinda somewhat almost having Mon-El injuring some people. Kind of. Jeeeeeez.

Now that J’onn knows about what Miss Martian has been doing in her spare time, he’s a bit irritated. So much so that he literally phases through her front door and learns how much M’gann hates her past. Thankfully, she gives J’onn a name. Roulette.

As it turns out, Roulette is a total monster(no surprise there), but a certain Zor-El has been a bit of a jerk towards a certain citizen of Daxam, but Mon-El still wants to help out the DEO…

Now that Kara has a helpful tidbit on the strange reptilian who took her down, the DEO has a lead. Unfortunately Roulette has other plans and manages to kidnap the last male Martian.

With Supergirl in a terrible mood, she arrives at the alien fight club and there is an empty stage. Roulette has pulled the proverbial wool over the DEO and now turning to Lena Luthor, Kara has a lead. Roulette has other plans, with the last two Martians being ordered to fight the death.

Thankfully, M’gann has a change of heart and spares J’ann, but not before Supergirl comes in with a one/two punch to KO, Draga the king of our alien fight club .

Now that Roulette is on the run, she turns to her alien captives who appear on want to defend her, but Kara has other plans. Sadly, Roulette’s incarceration is short lived thanks to orders from “on high”. Corruption naturally has a foothold.

Back at Catco, Kara uses her “source” Supergirl to hand in her story to Snapper, and she finally has a story in the magazine.

Back in Mon-El’s quarters, Kara reveals that she has always felt like a failure for not helping Clark learn about his powers when he arrived on earth. Using that as an incentive to help Mon-El will help her move past this.

J’onn comes to M’gann to bury the hatchet about the whole death match thing. after he leaves her apartment M’gann transforms into a white martian.

Overall, this was a cool episode. I love how the writers are really using the alien population on Earth as a allegorical construct against Earth Prime’s (that our Earth in dork speak) current political landscape. It is something almost always seen in the comics and it is something that the show should be rooted in as well. The better part? It’s not preachy. Serious kudos to the writers. Speaking of trends in our current world, Alex is developing an obvious crush on Maggie which is adorable, but also kinda sad when she learns Det. Sawyer is also seeing someone. There’s no “Hey look, we have a queer character on our show! Everyone look! Filling the quota here! See! Doing the thing!” which is something some shows have done in the past that felt way too forced, and frankly is an insult to both the LGBTQ community and the viewer on a whole. As with any comic based show, there’s gotta be at least one Easter egg: the Warworld name drop.