The Vampire Diaries (S08E03) “You Decided That I Was Worth Saving”

Plot Summary:

Enzo continues to fight the control over him; Bonnie is forced to make a heart-wrenching decision involving two of the most important people in her life; Alaric researches a mysterious artifact that may help bring Damon and Enzo back; Damon’s downward spiral leads him to Tyler Lockwood who tries to talk some sense into him before it’s too late.

The Siren asks Damon to kill Bonnie because Enzo will not give in to her. So he ambushes Caroline and Bonnie while trying to shop for bridal gowns.

All the while Stefan and Alaric discuss a hypothesis about how the siren had gotten trapped in the armory. Alaric is still on the search for answers and enlists the help of his interns.

After Damon failed at killing Bonnie the siren looked in his head to find out why he wasn’t motivated enough to kill her. She decided to change more of his memories. I get the sense Damon could either be trying to trick Stefan or finally ready for help from him. Mostly because he called Stefan and asked him to meet up. As he does that Cybil the Siren decided to go meet Bonnie.

Alaric and Georgie later discuss how hell and this artifact connect to sirens. While he wants to keep studying and finding answers he also has to be a dad. When he goes to deliver lunch he finds the girls playing with the artifact. When his daughter drops it on the ground it makes a loud pitch sound. That’s when he finds out the pitch fork is a tuning tool. When he figures out how to use the tool he rushes off to help his friends. This leads Georgie to become very suspicious and she decides to follow him.

Stefan goes to meet Damon and finds out Damon has Enzo tied up in the trunk of his car. As they meet, Cybil tries to figure out why Damon and Enzo can’t let go of Bonnie. So She is making Bonnie choose between Damon’s and Enzo’s lives. One will die, Cybil is going to force them to fight to the death if Bonnie doesn’t make a decision.

Damon asked Stefan to go meet up because he wants his help in fighting Enzo. Stefan tries to get Enzo to leave and Damon tells him he can’t fight the powers of the siren and has no choice but to fight him. No matter what there will be a fight.

On the way to the fight Bonnie, Caroline and Cybil continue to discuss how Bonnie can change this. Bonnie gets annoyed by Cybil and stops the car immediately which causes Cybil to go flying out of the windshield.

As Damon and Enzo fight Stefan try his best to stop them. Caroline runs in to help Enzo but Damon breaks her neck, then Enzo breaks Stefan’s neck. This leaves Damon and Enzo to go at each other. Right as Damon is about to rip Enzo’s heart out Bonnie stops him by choosing Enzo. When Cybil hears that she tells Bonnie she made the wrong choice.

But Cybil gives Enzo a choice, turn off his humanity to save his and Bonnie’s lives or both will die. So he chooses to turn off his humanity to save Bonnie. But after he flips the switch Cybil sends Damon off to finish her off. Right as he goes for Bonnie Alaric drives into him. Then makes the tuning tool go off causing Cybil to drop to the ground. Enzo tries to  help Cybil but Stefan comes out of nowhere and breaks his neck. Then Caroline knocks out Cybil.

After they have Cybil and Enzo Stefan tries to get Damon to snap out of her control. But knocking her out didn’t change anything. Damon then drives off. As they lock up Cybil and Enzo they think she can’t control Damon anymore. But she mentally tells Damon to do something so big it could cause his friends to never forgive him. We also see and old face with this weeks episode.