Van Helsing (S01E08) “Little Things”

Every episode has been getting a lot better every single day, I’m actually glad that this series got renewed I know I said that during last weeks review/recap but again I’m really happy that a series that I’m loving has been renewed. But we finally saw what Rebecca and the Evil Doctor’s experiment that he was mentioning last episode and I can tell when it came to this episode Trezzo Mahoro’s Mohammad really wanted to be a Jedi when he grew up I mean did you see those sword skills he really is a Jedi now. But with all jokes and awesome Star Wars remarks which I could go all day with lets get to the episode!

In this episode: Sheema (Naika Toussaint) awakes in a very clean and luxurious room, she takes a look at the green apples and takes one to begin eating she takes a look at the lovely little bird in a cage. Rebecca (Laura Mennell) then talks to Sheema; Sheema then says she will do whatever it takes to show she will do what Rebecca wants. Rebecca shows Sheema the experiment that has been going on with surrogate mothers, a Surrogate Mother (Sydney Bell) begins giving birth but sadly once the baby is out the baby was a still born. The doctor begs Rebecca to not kill him he can still be useful for the other expectant surrogates that one of them is bound to be successful. Rebecca then tells Sheema she wishes to be able to carry a child but can’t not yet. Rebecca tells Sheema if she fails her in anyway then Sheema will become one of the hosts of the experiment (in other words do what I say or you’ll be one of my surrogate mothers).

Meanwhile, Axel (Jonathan Scarfe), Vanessa (Kelly Overton), John (David Cubbitt), Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl), Doc (Rukiya Bernard), Susan (Hilary Jardine), and Flesh (Vincent Gale) all travel to the marines base where Axel and John came from to find the base completely empty. No indication of attack or anything they all just seemed to have disappeared. When they get there a vampire comes charging at the fence only to find when Vanessa shoots at it the vampire exploded. Axel then points out theres land mines which Axel tells them to get inside they will be safe for the time being while those land mines are there but wont be there for long. Axel takes first watch but takes a good point he will take all watches because he hasn’t been able to take a good sleep for a very long time. The next day Axel makes a point the explosions are getting closer, Vanessa makes it a point to split up with someone and cover all the floors of the building. John and Susan went one way, the others went another way and Vanessa and Doc went to Doc’s sister Grace office to investigate further in why Grace was so shocked when Doc sent over the case files but when Vanessa found the case file was empty. They all gather back to each other when John and Susan come across Gorman (Chris Ippolito).

Meanwhile on Mohammad’s travels, Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) came across a bicycle and chose to give it a little try but the chain was so worn out it broke making the bicycle useless. Mohammad then came across a pair of vampires talking to each other about how to get to the body. Mohammad took his sword and killed the vampires (jedi style) Mohammad then went among his travels to reveal hes looking at a picture of the person hes looking for; his sister.

Axel and the group then have to move further into the base where theres a locked door, Axel tries getting in his way but doesn’t work. Gorman then brings out a small bar of explosives and sets it at the door. The door is open and all go in but the building starts to collapse and all are forced to stay in. The team finds a bunch of food and drinks to keep them alive for a while. All goes well until John attempts to rape Susan which then leads to the group to remember the killings at the hospital revealing John was the killer. In a swift move Vanessa kills John with a knife of her own.

Next episode: Van Helsing (S1E9): Help Out airs Friday November 11, 2016