WOlf Creek: (S01E03): “Salt Lake”

Salt Lake:  This show keeps you on your toes. The writers have to string stories together for horny Outback guys, creepy serial killer Mick, Detective Sargent Sullivan Hill and our Eve; all the while keeping a strong storyline connecting all these factors together. They do that and more…let’s talk about Salt Lake.

This episode begins to mark some changes in Eve, while introducing new dangers. Mick is becoming more unstable (if *that* is even possible), letting his jealously over “his American Shelia.” Then there’s Kane (played wonderfully by Richard Cawthorne), who could have been a very good ally. 

Kevin, one of the creepers who tried to get with Eve, shows up again, but this time, she’s ready for him. She shoots him in the leg, then hauls ass. She stops and emotionally has a breakdown. She viciously cuts her own hair off with a knife, which is her first real step in her transformation. A very important step, as we’ll see later. 

DSgt. Hill not only has Eve to worry over, but now is marriage is in the toilet. He comes home only to find another man in his bed, who he promptly drags outside. He beats the crap out of the naked man, then zip ties his hands for the fun of it. YaY marriage!

At the Madonna cafe, Bernie, the owner, is a very strong, straight forward, savvy and tough lady. She’s a busy little squirrel, gathering information like nuts for a long winter. Eve pops in, asking about Mick’s truck. Nope, haven’t seen it. Leaving, Eve sees a police officer on the ground having a seizure. She helps him through it, then she and Dog go on their merry way. Kane, out and looking for Eve, and not because she broke into his house and stole from him. I think someone has crush.

Mick finds out about what Kevin tried to do…my, that man does have a temper on him. The next we see Kevin, Hill has been called to a murder scene…not just any murder scene. Murder ala Mick; Kevin is hanging upside down, bloodless, with his wanker chopped off. See what happens when you try to move on Mick’s territory? Not getting what he wants—Eve–is making him more and more dangerous.

Madonna’s Cafe is busier than ever..Mick stops by and asks about his “American Shelia.” Nope haven’t seen anyone. The Police officer Eve helped is driving a prison van, complete with prisoners down a road. Yes, he does have another seizure and the van crashes. One prisoner is able to get away, even while a badly hurt cop tries to shoot him, but winds up blowing the van up. Eve, having changed her tire, is now stranded because the wheel fell off. That whole gotta tighten the lug nuts thing. The prisoner comes across Eve, instead of attacking her, he asks for help. She provides, patching his wounds, letting him use the lug wrench to get the leg chains broken. He says his name is Johnny, and was going to prison for an armed robbery turned bad. Now he wants revenge. He helps her get the tire back on, telling her what the lug wrench is for. Johnny hobbles off into the sunset, with a “see you round” type of goodbye. This opens up a whole new sub-plot for the series. Will Eve see Johnny again? hmmm…..

Bernie’s is hoppin’, even after closing time. Kane pays well for a tank of gas for his motorcycle and information about Eve. She tells him what she knows, but also about Mick looking for her. Remember, Kane met Mick in a bar. Will this be her champion, her hero? Oy!! Not so fast…this is the Outback, after all.

As Eve travels further down the road, something catches her eye. She find Mick’s signature “head on a stick.” While it’s not human (this time), it’s a rabbit and she knows he’s been here. From the blood, Eve paints warriors strips on her face..yet another step into her transformation. As she camps for the night, a guest comes calling. Kane has found her. She pulls the gun…his nicest, as he points out, but he knocks it away, cold-cocking her right out. When she wakes up, she’s zip tied in the van. She asks what he wants..what does every guy in the Outback seem to want? Kane’s response: “I need a woman to give me kids,” as he cuts the zip ties. Straight to the point, but Eve’s not having it, kicking her way out of the van. She pulls the gun again…this time shooting him in the gut. I don’t think she meant to kill him. You can see the remorse as she runs to him, but she can’t mourn, she has to go. To me, Kane much more potential than they gave him. 

Ginger, Kane’s brother, is waiting for him. Back at Madonna’s, Hill is there. Nope, Bernie ain’t seen nothing, but she’s getting more info than she’s giving. Before he say anything else, he gets called to another murder scene. This time, it’s Kane…and ruled “gang-related.” When Eve stops back by Bernie’s, she’s told alot of folks are looking for her. Eve learns that Mick has gone to Opalville to shoot pigs. Off Eve goes.

At the funeral pyre that Kane rests upon, his family and friends say goodbye. Ginger swears revenge on the one who shot his brother. Great, another one after Eve. This girl has more men chasing her than a rooster has tail-feathers

On the way to Opalville, Mick shoots out the tires of the white van, causing it to crash. Mick slowly, but determinedly approaches it……..