Z Nation (S03E08) “Election Day”

Review. Warning, this review contains spoilers. It’s time to make America America again! This week’s episode is about Addy and Doc, and no one else. Although the main plot is left aside, we enjoy a weird and super fun presidential debate between Sketchy and John J. Lannister, a guy who looks exactly like Donald Trump.

When Doc and Addy’s vehicle breaks, Sketchy and Skeezy, who are heading in the same direction driving a presidential motorcar, stop to help them and then they drive together to Wall Drug, a small community whose people are afraid, tired and apparently getting sick with a strange illness. At Wall Drug, Sketchy gives the citizens a speech about his presidential goal: building a wall to stop the socialist zombie menace… but to be able to fulfill his presidential promise he needs donations from every citizen. People from Wall Drug are so desperate that they agree to give them their stuff. To make things weirder, a guy called John J. Lannister shows up running for president, too, and so the presidential debate begins with Addy as moderator.

Meanwhile our good Doc goes to Rosebud — the nearest town, they supplied water for Wall Drug but now they’re all dead — to take a look, there he finds out the cause of the disease: there’s a zombie head contaminating the water. He  comes back to warn the people but no one wants to listen to him: Sketchy says there’s no scientific proof the water is making people sick so he needs to do more research and Lannister claims this is a fear tactic planned by his rival.

But then Wall Drug’s Mayor, Maggie, passes out, Doc and Erin take her outside, and Addy tries to make Sketchy drop his silly act…  but now debate is over, Skeezy encourages people to vote. When they start counting the votes a third party arrives: the Z Party. And everything goes to hell, now everyone’s shooting everyone.

Outside, Doc applies the knowledge he acquired in an episode of “Naked and Afraid” and gives some charcoal to Maggie, he says charcoal will absorb the poison in her system…and it works! Minutes later they hear gunshots from inside the barn where everyone is, and see Zs going toward them so they rush to help them. Mayor Maggie takes control of the situation, gathering her people and getting rid off the Zs. Doc and Addy, taking advantage of the confusing moment, take the presidential motorcar and continue their way to find Lucy. Once every Z is mercied, people from Wall Drug counts the votes: people’s decision is final, Doc is the new president.