Channel Zero: (S01E04) Candle Cove: A Strange Vessel

I waited to do this review til today, so the events of last week will be firmly set in your mind for Tuesday’s show. With only two episodes left, the devil’s in the details (Nick Antocsa, if the horns fit….) for this show. This episode was awesome and a very good bait and switch angle.

So many words to describe “A Strange Vessel:” Creepy, of course, full of information and misinformation, and perhaps just a few clues. Jeff Russo’s understated musical score highlights the intensity of the show. The music helps tell the story in the most eerily of ways.

We start out with a flashback to Mike and Jessica in ’88, Mike showing Jessica a puppet of pirate Percy Eddie made. Back to the present, Mike is trying to find out how Lily got to Grandma’s. But, it’s not Lily. Mike’s Mom knows who it is, and Mike later accepts that Eddie has possessed Lily. When Mom looks out the window, it’s not Mike and Lily she sees, it’s Mike and Eddie. Lily knows where the boys hid the pirate Percy doll, which she retrieves, giving further proof that Eddie is in the body. She tells Mike he needs to “lay me to rest.” So Mike confides in Jessica, saying it’ll go really good or really bad. Jessica gets Gary’s keys and off they go the morgue. They get Eddie’s preserved body, take it to the Crow’s Nest, and burns the body. Once the body is burned, Lily falls into a regular sleep, coming back to herself.  What have they done????

As Jessica is taking Dane to see his sister, she passes a wall full of very disturbing children’s drawings. No, Katie, Daddy isn’t mad, he’s “busy at work,” Mom-speak for he’s sitting his ass in jail. Jessica Notices Dane’s missing a tooth, but is called away before she can ask about it. Dane slips the tooth to Katie, who smiles as she closes her little hand around it. You’ve got to pay the toll. Does this make Katie the new “gate keeper?” Possibly…

With Amy Welch now acting sheriff, she goes on the hunt for the kids who were “practicing” stabbing a dummy. Off to the school. Yeah the principle will get the kids to his office, they’re in Mrs. Booth’s class right now. Okay, Amy will wait. Well, come to find out, the kids never made it, so Amy goes looking for them. She speaks with Mrs. Booth, the same teacher all the dead kids had in 1988. Mrs. Booth acts cool…she “misunderstood the communication.” Yeah, right… As Amy walks the empty school halls, looking for the kids, that music, just in the background, lulling you into thinking…..but not everything’s as it appears. Nothing in Candle Cove ever is. Amy comes to the auditorium, where the kids she’s looking for is practicing a play. They all have these creepy paper mache masks, made to look like the characters from Candle Cove. The play is Candle Cove. No, Amy, there’s no adult around, so she tells the kids to take off the masks and scoot…go home…they glare at her as they leave. Now, Amy is on the radar and that only means trouble. When Amy stops to pick up dinner, she drives off, the bizarre little theater troupe, still in costume, follows her truck. This can only end badly.

Amy decides to get some answers from Mrs. Booth. We find out Booth **gave** her only son to Eddie and Candle Cove. With Booth gone, Amy gets a whiff of an odd putrid, so she follows the smell to the basement, where she finds not only the original Candle Cove puppets, but the body of Daphne. She shoos away the cat licking the blood from the body. Amy gets out and the hunt is on.

Mike drops Jessica home after their little midnight bonfire. As she is settling for the night, she gets some visitors. The masked Candle Cove crew didn’t go after Amy. They came for Jessica…chasing her through the house, they wind up in the backyard, where Jessica trips over a kiddie pool. The Candle Cove crew converge on her stabbing her to death.

That, my darling pets, leaves us with more questions: Is Mrs. Booth behind the whole Candle Cove production? Is Mike really Mike? Did burning “Eddie’s” body release the evil or did Jessica’s death release something worse?

Let’s tune in tomorrow and see…with only two episodes left, anything can happen…and probably will.