HTGAWM (S03E07): “Call It Mother’s Intuition”

Review: Last week, Frank framed Charles Mahoney for Wallace Mahoney’s murder, Wes finally broke up with Meggy so he could stop lying to her (and get in Laurel’s pants) and Michaela & Asher are now going steady! And, in Flash Forward land, Asher turned out to be alive, leaving Connor, Frank, Wes and Nate as potential corpses!

When we open with the Flash Forward Mystery Event, Annalise is still in jail. The two detectives who arrested her, finally tell her what she’s been charged with: arson and first-degree murder. Apparently, there’s a rat among us!   

Two weeks earlier, Wes is at the precinct. Instead of just saying that he didn’t see Charles at the crime scene, Wes makes everything ten times more difficult and lies to the cops by saying that he saw Charles across the street before the murder. Oh, Westophe, why’d you have to go and do that? Like me, Annalise is not happy about it. But she reassures him by mentioning that Eve told her the NYPD is only interested in Charles. When Wes asks if she’s heard from Frank, Annalise delivers the best line in the episode: “No. Maybe we got lucky and he killed himself.” Ha!

Annalise/Soraya: Annalise is still replacing alcohol with junk food, as she’s patiently waiting for Frank to show up after framing Charles. At Bonnie’s insistence, Annalise goes to an AA-meeting, where Soraya Hargrove is sharing her story with everyone. We find out that she’s been sober for a year and that she’s still only getting supervised visits with her kids. When Soraya asks if it’s true Annalise got Wes a lawyer, she recommends a lawyer to Soraya to get her kids back. Soraya initially declines, but when Annalise runs into her again, she puts the number of a good lawyer in Soraya’s phone. Looks like they might finally become friends!

Wes/Laurel: Wes and Laurel are in their honeymoon bubble, spending time alone whenever they can and being adorable while doing so. Wes even admits that he was attracted to Laurel when he saw her for the first time, but that he thought she was out of his league! It took him several murders and a full beard to get there, but look at him now! While I have some issues with the progression of their relationship this season, they sure are winning me over with their cuteness.

Frank: Not impressed with Wes and Laurel’s potential baby making? Frank, who’s back in town and – unfortunately for Annalise – has not killed himself. His first stop? Laurel’s apartment, where he breaks in like a creep, right in time to listen to Laurel “distracting” Wes. Naked. Realizing that Laurel has other things on her mind, Frank decides to visit Bonnie. At least with Bonnie he has the decency to knock first. Bonnie, however, doesn’t welcome him with open arms either. Frank tearfully apologizes for leaving her in Coalport, but Bonnie wants nothing to do with him anymore and sends him on his way.

The case: This week’s case is a fun one! The legal clinic takes on the case of three siblings who have been accused of conspiring to murder their own mother. Though none of the siblings are actually guilty of poisoning her with antifreeze, all three kind of lowkey wanted to. There are even text messages to prove it! But with good reason, as we find out that Mommy Dearest is kind of a passive aggressive nightmare.

Annalise offers an automatic A on her exam to the student who can help crack the case. First, it looks like Asher is the one to provide Annalise with the breakthrough she needs, but it ends up being Laurel, who brilliantly catches the mother in a lie. Apparently, Mommy Dearest poisoned herself just to mess with her kids’s heads. Her parenting skills are certainly not worth an automatic A!

Annalise/K5: This week’s case puts a lot into perspective with regards to Annalise’s relationship with her own “children”. When they find out that Charles has an airtight alibi for the night of the murder, it’s time for their weekly temper tantrums. Annalise admits that she hasn’t spoken to Eve in weeks and that they aren’t safe from the cops at all. To let them relieve some stress so they can get back to business, Annalise gives them a pass to say whatever they want to her right then and there.

Everyone but Wes joins in and it’s a trip, with Michaela bringing up that time Annalise implied she should sleep with Caleb, Connor calling them all basket cases* because of her, Asher calling her a bully and Laurel stating that she feels like Annalise’s puppet most of the time. It comes off very cult-like and almost eerie, as though Annalise really does have complete control over them and they’re not grown adults who make their own choices. Finally, Annalise asks Wes to get whatever he needs to off his chest, but Wes isn’t feeling it, as Annalise already knows how he feels about her.

Fortunately, this verbal beating is exactly what Annalise needs to crack the case.

Annalise/Nate/Wes: Wes runs into Nate at the courthouse, who’s just coming out of a “meeting” with ADA Atwood. Through Nate, Wes finds out that Annalise and Nate aren’t on the best terms right now. Nate asks Wes about the NYPD, but Wes assures him that his lawyer is taking care of it. This does nothing to reassure Nate, though, as he still implies that Wes should be more worried about Annalise.  

When Annalise gets home after winning the case, Wes is sitting on her steps waiting for her. Wes tells her he ran into Nate and that Nate warned him about her. Then, he apologizes for lying to the police about Charles, but Annalise says it’s fine. Wes isn’t so sure, though, as one terrible thing always seems to lead to another. He then goes on, claiming that he wanted to tell Nate that it’s really the other way around and that Annalise should be protected from him. But Annalise thinks he’s wrong to put so much weight on his shoulders. After all, his mom wanted him to live a good life and be a good man. Wise words, that seem to really get to Wes.

Connor/Oliver: Oliver and his new guy, Thomas, have been dating and it’s time for their third date. Asher and Michaela, adorably, are even more excited about it than Ollie himself. When Oliver and Thomas are about to take it to the next level and Thomas is just about naked and very much willing, Oliver comes clean about his HIV-status. Thomas doesn’t react as Oliver had hoped he would, stating that he needs time to process.

Eventually, Oliver shows up on Connor’s doorstep. Which is actually Michaela’s doorstep, but that’s beside the point. Oliver went out for drinks with everyone from the legal clinic and now he’s drunk and missing Connor. Lucky for him, Connor misses him, too. Like, a lot. So much so that they lock lips and have sex on poor Michaela’s bed.

The End: After Frank leaves Bonnie’s house, Bonnie calls Annalise, who is fast asleep upstairs in her bedroom.

Michaela and Asher stumble into Michaela’s apartment, happily drunk and horny, but their plans are thwarted when they find Connor and Oliver on the couch. While Asher is happy to see his best “bromos” together again, Michaela’s not pleased that the guys are messing with her plans of being as loud as she wanted. And that they had sex on her bed, which she totally notices.

Finally, a tipsy Laurel accidentally blurts out a love confession over the phone with Wes, hanging up before he can answer. Although judging by the look on his face, his answer most certainly would have been a happy one. But as soon as Laurel hangs up, their sweet honeymoon bubble gets popped when Frank shows up in her room. Can Frank stop breaking into Laurel’s apartment like a creep?

Two weeks later, in the flash forward, Laurel finally wakes up at the hospital. The first thing she does when she wakes up, unable to speak, is use Meggy’s notepad to write down Wes’s name. Meggy assures her that they’ve been trying to reach him.

Cue the next flash forward of Wes at the precinct trying to get immunity! Is Wes the rat? Me thinks the writers are messing with us, big time! If I had to guess, Wes is either working with Annalise and merely doing what she wants him to, or the scene with Wes takes place before the fire and Wes is still in the running to be America’s Next Top Unidentified Male Under The Sheet!

I’m still scared.  


*Who else is here for a “Breakfast Club” inspired episode?