Once Upon A Time: (S06E07) “Heartless”


This week of Once Upon A Time features the untold story of Snow White and Prince Charming. I love everything about the episode. Who would have thought that Snow White and David met even before they knew each other? Their love story is just strong, true love as they always say.

In the meantime, the affair between the Evil Queen and Gold is disgusting. I thought it’s a one-time thing from the last episode. It’s just wrong that when Regina told everyone about their “chemistry”, Henry was there. I hope it’s the last, now that Zelena knew about their affair and she told Belle about it. Speaking of Belle, her conversation with Gold was so on point especially the part where she said, “You want your son’s love. Don’t take it. Be worthy of it” and being afraid of failing is worse than being evil. 

The vault scene of Hook and Emma was heartwarming. He told the story of Snow and David so she can remember that any curse can be broken by true love and she can overcome her vision. I like Hook when he’s supportive and all.

I am amazed with the Evil Queen’s memory regarding Snow’s childhood. She remembered every detail of Snow’s 15th birthday. How sentimental was she? From that, the Evil Queen foreshadows in the beginning of the episode that sleeping Snow was her favorite Snow, thus, the sleeping curse. The never ending sleeping curse she used in Snow’s heart, this time with a twist. She wanted Snow to feel the pain of being alone. The twist being when one is asleep, the other one is awake. With this, they’ll never be together. It was so brilliant and very cruel. Knowing he/she is there but you can’t. It’s like almost death. Perfect pain. The ending of the episode just breaks my heart. The parallel from the first season.

Kudos to the writing of this episode and the direction.

Favorite Lines:

“True love can break any curse, and so can you because that’s what you’re made of. You are the savior because you were born of their love. And they’re in love today because you brought them together. You can overcome these visions. You can overcome anything. Now remember who you are. The product of true love.”

“Knowing you believe in me means I’m not alone.”

“Afraid of failing is worse than being evil. It’s being too weak to be good.”