This Is Us (S01E05) “The Game Plan”

In the episode “The Game Plan” not only do we find out where is Jack but also the reason why football is important to the family too.

The Game Plan might be as simple of an episode to understand, it’s just like a real football with tough challenges for each one in the story.

Kate wants to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football but Toby thinks it would be better that he tags along. She doesn’t want that and wants to watch it alone, which for me is something I love to do too. But Toby doesn’t stop, of course, and invites her to his football viewing party with his friend and that gave Kate a real discomfort. But after she leaves, Toby heads to her place to understand why she wants to watch the game by herself and it wasn’t as creepy as she said it but it was plan as day to see. She watches football because of her dad, who’s a Steelers fan.

And when Toby tells her that he would someday like to meet him, she brings him out in an urn. And later they, all three, watching the game together.

Both Randall and Kevin have some difficulties too as their game plan didn’t go the way they wanted it. Randall and his wife to Kevin’s hotel room for the night to have a night to themselves. She tells Randall that she is late and they go into the store together to get a pregnancy test. At first it didn’t seem right to have another kid, but just as they were waiting for the test to come, they were at a place that maybe a son would be great. But the sad part was that she wasn’t pregnant.

Kevin on the other hand, trying to get his storylines from his play down and watching his nieces. Instead of playing runway show with them, he had them, along with William, to read lines to help him in the play. Things got awkward for him when he had explain what death way. William talked him about doubting himself and later we got to see what the real Kevin does when he tries to express himself, pant an image.

Meanwhile, we get to see Rebecca and Jack in a state of one wanting kids and the other doesn’t. It really turned their Super Bowl night to a real downer at times, but even though the Steelers won that game, the real victory was that they agreed to have children and started there at the bar, as Kate tells Toby how she was conceived.

I thought that “The Game Plan” was an excellent episode, using football as the theme and not to mention life and death. I really thought that Hartley’s performance was really good as he was trying to juggle the kids and his play not to mention the scene where he was trying to explain death and talking to William about his struggle. Also Metz too was really good.

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