Family Guy: (S15E05) “Chris has a date…date…date”…

Chris needs a date to the Homecoming dance.  Encouraged by Stewie, he submits a video inviting Taylor Swift to be his date. After all says Stewie, “Tay”  is very interactive and receptive to her fans. Yet it’s still a wonderful surprise when she accepts Chris’ invitation.

Chris and Taylor have a definite chemistry and it appears they really enjoy each other.  However, Taylor in love vs. Taylor in hurt, doesn’t gel well with her fans and her shows and sales suffer.

 In concert, when Taylor began to sing a “happy to be in love song” about her latest relationship the fans booed and began to leave the show. Her fans are used to… and actually demand she remain in heartbreak. This time she chooses love and was willing to give it all up. Yet Chris “goes high” and releases some of the funniest insults I’ve heard on this show in a long time.  A demeaned Ms Swift,  she then writes a song about it, yet knows full well why Chris “let her go” This show of true love and mutual respect was  nicely done.

 Meanwhile, Peter switches jobs and becomes an Uber driver. When a businessman gets into Brian’s car (a Prius) that Peter is driving; (he’s stopped at a red light) the passenger thinks he’s on duty.  This being the fastest and easiest 20 dollars he’s ever made, Peter sees this as an opportunity for more. Of course in only his Peter way, he sucks at this job and abuses the clients by taking them all over town, while on his personal errands. His new job ends when he is beaten by professional cab drivers for driving with Uber. 

This was a funny episode for me and I actually laughed out loud through-out. It was not so much over the top as Family Guy can be at times. The innuendos and the play on words was rapid and just right.  

Finally, this sequence of events is a play on the lyrics of the Taylor Swift song “Shake It Off” and the artist was not hurt during the filming of this episode.